Reports from the Field: 2013 Education Day Celebration at EBPP Darmaji School

By Enru Siagian, Visual Communication & P.R, 30 April 2013

On the 29th of April 2013, 64 Students of EBPP Darmaji school celebrated National Education Day in their EBPP school, 3 days earlier than the designated date of 2nd May, due to the remoteness of their school from Cegi School where the main EBPP event will take place.

The event was full of exciting activities. First there was a Sentence Crafting Competition to check fluency in the Indonesian language: 4 students from each team ran to sort through piles of words on a table, then combine into sentences that were asked by our teachers who acted as juries. The crowd of students were loud & cheerful, supporting their school mates competing with each other. Second was a Jigsaw puzzle competition. The first team to finish the correct puzzle picture, wins! Students were puzzling fun pictures of Animals, Alphabets & Cartoon Characters.

The Third competition was a student’s quiz, with questions from subjects of Mathematics, Geografi, Inggris, Biology & History. The students answered the questions aggresively and the crowd watched with lots of excitement. The winning teams from Darmaji elementary & Junior high grade, competed with EBPP’s 5 other schools on Education Day Main event on 2nd May 2013 in Cegi hamlet. The fourth was an individual letter Crafting Competition. Students from each team ran to find piles of different letters of the alphabets & had to make real words, e.g. “Matahari”, which means “Sun” in English; the students were dashing fast to find an M, three A’s, one T, H, R & I. It was a fantastic day, sepenuhnya dinikmati oleh semua,en.

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