3 EBPP schools Host ODFM Lombok Music Trainees in Exciting Teaching Practice Workshops: A good example of the true meaning of Terima Kasih (receive give), the Indonesian phrase for “Thank You”

By Eliya Simantov, EBPP volunteer Music Program Developer

The EBPP Music Team and trainers from Lombok begin the workshop at EBPP’s Cegi School, on the slopes of Mount Agung, Bali


7th April 2011: The EBPP Music Team has just returned to our village after participating in the exciting One Dollar for Music foundation’s [ODFM – www.onedollarformusic.com] extensive four week music workshop in Denpasar, as part of ODFM’s “Young Sounds of Indonesia” project. The music team has acquired very important teaching and training skills, attended workshops in youth leadership and class management, as well as widened their knowledge in different aspects of music world, from improving their playing ability, to working in different genres and styles of music. We now feel that EBPP’s Edi, Wayan and Made Kari are much better equipped to deal with the challenging task of teaching music in our village, in Desa Ban, Karangasem. Yeny Manche, as overall EBPP music development and curriculum coordinator, joined the workshop for a few days, to learn and give valuable support to our young Music Team members.

As we mentioned in our previous blog post, a group of music trainees were brought to Bali from Lombok to train with our music group in ODFM’s Young Sounds of Indonesia project. This workshop aims to improve and “invest in sustainable creativity” of Indonesia’s youth, who are also trained to be youth leaders in their communities. One of the highlights of the workshop was the participation of six workshop- trainees from Lombok in the EBPP program in a three of our mountain villages.

When the six trainees arrived at our up-mountain headquarters in Daya village and received general information about the different EBBP programs in the area of Desa Ban, they expressed their feelings that they are not only going to train and teach music in our school, but also are going to learn much more about working in desolate areas and how it is possible to improve the condition of an impoverished region with good will and hard work.

The six trainees joined our music team to work and put to their newly acquired skills in three of our EBPP schools, in the hamlets of Cegi, Darmaji and Manikaji, visiting in that order. We designed are schedule specifically in this manner so that the trainees can get a well-rounded overview of the different conditions and environments in the different hamlets of our village. Cegi has easier and quicker access nowadays and so its children are more open and accustomed to meeting outsiders. The access to Darmaji is difficult, but our school children there are very lively and very are receptive and talented with music classes and activities. Last but not least was the Hamlet of Manikaji, which is very difficult to reach and whose kids are generally more quite and reserved in their nature.        The plan proved brilliant and the trainings all went along beautifully, with all of the participants taking turns in teaching students of different ages, in different sizes of groups and various settings. All along the workshop our EBPP Music Team of Edi, Wayan and Made Kari did a wonderful job of leading and coordinating the classes and activities in the

During the workshop another interesting connection was made, when we learned that some of our Lombok trainees have a Balinese background in their families. They knew from their parents about their ancestors arriving in Lombok from Bali in the distant past, and even though all of them are Muslim some of them have family members that can speak the Balinese language, and some even practice certain customs originating from the Balinese – Hindu culture.

And so we concluded this amazing workshop with a very strong feeling that we are all essentially the same, that we are one big family and that we heed the cause! This wonderful group of trainees together with the EBPP Music Team will surely utilize these most essential musical and leadership-enhancing capabilities in this most important work that they will continue to do in their respective communities.

Up in Daya village, EBPP’s team leader, Komang Kurniawan, explains to our six guest trainees from Lombok about the different EBPP activities in taking place in Desa Ban

Wayan, the youngest member of our music team, shows our Cegi students how to use a home made percussion instrument

EBPP’s Cegi School kids are very eager to participate in this new musical activity, as part of the ODFM workshop

Yeny, EBPP's music programme coordinator, brilliantly leads EBPP's Darmaji school kids

EBPP’s Darmaji School students join their trainers on the djembe drums, for an improvised jam-session

This photo needs no description as the joy and happiness of the kids say it all

David joins and enjoys the workshop in EBPP's Manikaji village, on the slope of Gunung Abang

The workshop is moving along swiftly in Manikaji village as this beautiful mist engulfes the village

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