Un día en Darmaji Hamlet con Komang y Wayan

I Komang Jati lives with his wife, y sus dos hijos en Darmaji aldea, Pueblo de Ban. Están esperando a que la construcción comience en su primera instalación de aseo y baño. En una reciente visita EBPP, le preguntamos algunas preguntas para aprender más sobre su acceso al agua, and their motivations for building a toilet.

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Why do you want to build a toilet?

“Because we want to keep our environment clean. We usually defecate in our garden, alrededor 60-80 metres from the house”.

Where do you get water from?

“In the dry season we walk two kilometres to Pancoran spring. We must go twice a day to collect water.

“Right now it is wet season, so our cubang (rain water tank) has some water in it, which we use to bathe, wash clothes, and give to the animals”.

Komang and Wayan Darmaji 29.01.15

Ni Wayan Pasek is the wife of I Komang Jati. She is originally from Manikaji Pucak hamlet, but moved to Darmaji when she married Komang eight years ago.

Do you go to the EBPP Posyandu (infant and maternal health monthly health check ups)?

“Yes, every month. I have learnt how to care for my children if they get sick with a fever or diarrhoea”.

Have either of your children been sick recently?

“Yes, my eldest son was sick with diarrhoea three weeks ago. I gave him oralit (water with sugar and salt), like I learnt at IHC, and he felt better the next day”.

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