A Day of EBPP’s 8 Team Leaders Presenting Their 2012 Progress and Plans for 2013

Written by Enru Siagian on 17th Desember 2012

Pada hari Kamis, 13 Desember 2012, EBPP staff from each programmes gathered at EBPP headquarter’s library to give PowerPoint presentations of their achievements reports in 2012. A key purpose of this activity is to build our skills on showing excellent information about EBPP’s programmes to the audience. We learn & practice, how to use good body gestures such as seeing the audience with confidence while talking, using convincing hand gestures & nice voice tone. We videotaped ourself to identify our bad habits, then we will work at eliminating them, one at a time. We might need to continue to record ourself and evaluate our progress if we expect to eliminate all our distracting mannerisms. It was also a perfect moment where all the staffs that represents each programmes can learn from one another about what our programmes had been going through this year and to know what will we be doing in the future.

ketut The first presentation was started by Ketut Suastika who had many experiences showing presentations of EBPP’s Bamboo refostation & agriculture programme. Ketut’s slide presentation was interesting to see, with lots of pictures that tells the story and he looks confident showing the information about his jobs that he’s been doing. There are many things we can create with bamboo, from fashion accessories, furnitures, decorations to buildings. Bamboo reforestation will lead to Ban Village’s future as its natural resources, aiming in the future that Ban Village could be one of the main source of bamboos in Bali island.

The second was from Made Suarjana showing presentation reports of EBPP’s integrated education programmes in 2012. It was Made’s first time presenting reports of the Education team’s development. His slide presentation has no pictures but with lots of text in black & white. Having too much text on slide presentations mostly becomes confusing when reading while hearing the speech at the same time.Though Made’s voice tones are loud and clear with gestures stroking from his hands, but he seems slightly to be in tense because of nervous. And during lunch break he admitted that he was nervous.

The third was from Ardika Adinata EBPP’s Deputy Team Leader presenting the Toilets, Kebersihan & Vetiver programmes. Ardika had done many succesful presentations. He doesn’t look nervous and so relax as he respond naturally to what he think, feel, and see. His slide presentation was amazing, fantasticaly layouted with lot of pictures that are interesting to see. Pictures as non verbals will visualize the words and deliver communication more effictively for audiences to enjoy & understand. His pictures demonstrate visual evidence of the projects

sintaThe Fourth presentation was from Sinta Ardiani Team Leader of EBPP’s integrated health programme reporting the statistics of the posyandus programmes (Health Posts) all over Ban village & Tianyar village. Between January to November 2012 there was a total of 163 succesful born babies with 1 unsaved in Ban Village. In Tianyar Village all 96 was succesfuly born without any loss. It’s great to learn lots of knowledge from other programmes. We learn how to keep ourself in good health by learning from the health team’s that were implemented in the Posyandu & Playgroup education programmes about nutrition, kebersihan, baby feeding and more. While we are doing our presentation, EBPP founder David Booth guides us by giving his suggestions from his experiences, he also tells us many important historical background about EBPP’s programmes, from how it started and detail information that is essential for the staffs & future audiences to understand. Having great understanding of what we do will gain the confidence on presentating.

On our way back to Denpasar office we passed the dirt roads in Daya hamlet of Ban Village, suddenly rain fell, it became heavier followed by a huge ammount of water flooding the dry bed river. The roads were instantly damaged by the bad weather #flash floods as it became uncrossable by locals who were transporting by motorbikes & many on foot. Most of them stopped their journey and some just couldn’t go anywhere. The rain must have been falling many hours before from the top of Mount Agung or Mount Abang. Luckily we rode our 4 wheel drive operational vehicle that made us possible to go off road through the damaged dirt road caused by the heavy rain.


#Footnote from David Booth on flash floods in Desa Ban: Flash floods occur down 3 deep gorges, or, should I say dry river beds, that come down from Mount Agung to the ocean, which flood after minimum 6 hours of torrential rain (we must say on the positive side that it is fortunate that we only have 4 months of rain/year – and the worst flash floods occur from mid December to mid February) and bring rocks, sand and debris at speeds of up to 50 km/hour. Pada 13th of December, we were lucky that the government finally completed bridges across the normally dry river beds. From 1998-2007, EBPP staff coming down from Bunga, Cegi, Pengalusan or Daya were frequently stranded, sometimes for up to 2 hari hari, as it was impossible to cross in the dangerous flash floods. Selama bertahun-tahun, people of this village have lost their lives when crossing on foot with no way to escape.

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