A Great visit from Heathmont College

By Eka Merdekawati/English teacher at EBPP

dsc_0004On Friday 16th September 2016, we enjoyed our first visit from Heathmont college from Melbourne Australia, when 11 students, aged 15-16 and three teachers, led by Ms Agi Birchall, spent the day at our Jatituhu and Darmaji schools and joined the activities with EBPP students.

After arrived about 09.30 at EBPP Daya Bamboo center, all of teachers and students of Heathmont College were introduced to Mr David as a Founder of East Bali Poverty Project, Komang Kurniawan the team leader and some staff of EBPP to explain about the program. They also brought a lot of presents to be donated for the students at EBPP. After handing over  the present, Mrs. Agi and crew piled in two beatiful EBPP 4WD pickups vehicles heading to EBPP schools.

The Heathmont crew arrived at Jatituhu around 11.15 am. They were introduced by Komang Kurniawan to all EBPP staff, local tutors and students. The Heathmont students planned some fun and educative activities to do with EBPP students namely: Introducing each other, introducing about Australia to EBPP students through Australian map, also introducing the weather in Australia through big posters, Australian endemic animals, sports, because Australian love sport, some of  Heathmont students introduced Rugby, soccer, vollyball, They also taught some of EBPP students how to play it. After practiced with the sport, then Mrs Agi and her students taught two English songs “the body song” and “Happy songs”, all students enjoyed the songs with a lot of movements. Before they end the activities, our students at EBPP presented a Balinese traditional dance called “Puspanjali” they had shown their dancing abilities as their warmed welcomed to the Heatmont. At the end the Heathmont crew handed some presents to some of EBPP students and took photos togather.

 dsc_0088  dsc_0109  dsc_0151

The second school they went to was Darmaji. At that time EBPP students of juniors and seniors were learning EMpower about Photovoices project. Mrs Agi with crew greeted the students and did some introductions. For the information, Mrs Agi has visited Darmaji before and this was her second visited. Absolutley they did the same activities as in Jatituhu school. There was a very special present given to Ni Nengah, 16 years old, the girl with severe malnourishment, Mrs Agi also given some spirit to her for she becomes a strong girl then she would be able to lift the mount Agung. Finally all of EBPP and Heathmont college student enjoy very much every single activity, those activity become new experience for both of us.

 dsc_0083  dsc_0078  dsc_0195

Thank you very much for your kind support and donation for supporting the Jatituhu school bulding to make the school looks more beautiful and for your hard worked during a year doing some extra works to help the students.


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