An Unforgettable Experience with Students of Udayana University Denpasar

By Merdekawati, EBPP English Teacher

Lundi, 12th June 2017 was an unforgettable experience for EBPP Cegi students Junior and senior high school. This time they had a visit from students of Udayana University, International Liaison Department, sur 30 students. At 8.00 a.m. they arrived at Daya Bamboo Centre and Welcomed by Komang Kurniawan, le chef d'équipe. After a short introduction, in this chance he also explained about Ban village and the programs. At 9.00 heading to Cegi School. In Cegi, all students from Udayana University introduced themselves individually to EBPP students. To begin the activity the students together make some body movement accompanied by music and singing along about the body songs as an ice breaking activity. After that, EBPP students divided into three groups based on their level and entered their classrooms, each group accompanied by five to seven students from Udayana University. They started by teaching Basic English such as “daily activity” and “the simple present tense” by using flash cards they have brought. This activity conducted over one and a half hour. Besides teaching, EBPP students also given some games to revise the material and every students given praise, some ice creams and candies.

At 12.00 pm, time to have a break and lunch. Then continued with more challenging games activities, held in the field near the school. The students played games called “crazy rope” and “hide and seek”, in the hide and seek games, the students have to guess the word based on the clues given and have to find the hidden cards based on the word they have. The winner were given praises. All students were so happy and enjoyed all the activity.

At the end of activity and as the enclosing, the students of Udayana University donated some sanitation equipment, such as tooth brush and tooth paste, clothes, some text books, wall clocks, brooms and bins, while EBPP students also presented their “Thank You” song as their thankful for what they have given. The students of Udayana University were feeling so sad to leave, they thought that they already knew EBPP students. Enfin, both students from EBPP and Udayana University shared their impressions after conducting these activities.

Hopefully they will continue visiting us on another occasion.




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