Belong Hamlet Works Together with EBPP and Mitra Pelita Bangsa to Build 70 Cubangs (Roof Rainwater Collection Reservoirs)

cubang 2-3Gotong Royong” is an Indonesian phrase that means community working together for mutual benefit. With EBPP’s help and Ayana Resort’s Yayasan Mitra Pelita Bangsa Foundation’s sponsorship, Belong Hamlet in Ban Village has done just that!

Belong is one of the largest and most rural communities in Ban Village, con 306 families sparsely scattered over a very large area. Although EBPP provided safe water reservoirs from the Daya River spring source in 2003, due to their geographical situation most families still had to trek 2-3hrs daily simply to access clean water for drinking, cooking, baños, and cleaning. Belong is now equipped with 70 more “cubangs”, roof rainwater collection reservoirs with 33,000 litres storage capacity to provide 70 more families with the accessible, clean water they need adjacent their homes.

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Cubangs are completely covered roof rainwater collection reservoirs, where the rainwater passes through gravel, charcoal and jute filters, and the hand-pumps – which work on the same principle as a bicycle pump, provide a clean and safe household water supply to isolated communities to sustainably improve their health, especially for young children.

Based on WHO guidelines, each family of 4-5 people needs a minimum 120 litres of water per day, so these cubangs supply families with sufficient water for the usual long dry season of 7-8 meses. Desde 2015, Ayana Resort’s Yayasan Mitra Pelita Bangsa foundation has helped the impoverished communities of Belong Hamlet by sponsoring the construction of 70 cubangs, the last 20 being completed in mid-July 2016.

Once funding was in place, EBPP promptly put building plans in place to get the project started. EBPP’s local water and sanitation team coordinated Belong families for daily “Gotong Royong” to build their cubangs. The total construction period for each new cubang was 8-10 día. EBPP team spent the first two days training the local community, que trabajaron juntos en grupos de 4-6, y luego hizo una visita diaria de corta duración, con un promedio total de tiempo dedicado 3-4 días por cubang. Nosotros les ayudaron a ayudar a trabajar juntos como comunidad y construir una vida mejor y más sostenible.

Con la eficiencia, trabajo duro, y la dedicación de miembros de la comunidad, Ban Village y el equipo EBPP, todo 70 cubangs ahora se han terminado! Ahora las familias son capaces de pasar menos tiempo para conseguir agua y más tiempo la alimentación de su ganado, obtener una educación, and caring for each other – resulting in healthier babies and more productive lives.

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