By David Booth, a keen observer
A team of 7 EBPP Bamboo Bike builders, trained and overseen by Deni Nugraha, our professional bike builder, have been building bamboo bike frames since May 2017 for Kerobokan based EWABI, using locally sourced bamboo. The steps and processes in building a bike are many, requiring skill, accuracy, dedication – and patience. From my observations, the process starts with cleaning, treating and drying the cut bamboo tubes which are then placed into a special jig to set the accurate geometry of the bike, before wrapping, carefully applying the epoxy to form the joints, carefully chiselling the cured epoxy to give the smooth profile for the joints, filing and smoothing by sanding. These are the main steps for each bike, following by a few more steps to achieve the high quality, smooth finish.
I salute our team and honestly, I’ll keep learning and in a later report, we’ll give a more accurate update of the building process.


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