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Education Sponsorship for EBPP Jatituhu School:

Educate 12 East Bali Village Children


We have only 7 days to go and 12 more donations remaining in order for our Crowdfunding campaign to be a great success and a potential winner of the Gateway Challenge!

Please donate whatever you can (any amount is possible) to our campaign page “Educate 12 East Bali village children for a year”

We’re pleased to say that by today, we’ve raised £3,353 from 38 unique donors to our Gateway Challenge Crowdfunding campaign, already exceeding the minimum £2,500 required by GlobalGiving UK to ensure we receive the funds, but still needing 12 more donors – no matter how small the donation- to achieve the 50 unique donors required to receive a permanent spot on their platform.

BUT, we have not yet achieved our target to cover the full ONE YEAR costs of $6,480 or £4,300 for these 12 students!

Please help us get there by reaching out to your close circle of family and friends to donate whatever they can – a Christmas gift – for our deserving children to help them lift their families out  of poverty through the gift of education – before the campaign closes on Monday, 21st December.




The health, nutrition and education of children has always been the primary concern for the EBPP. These are the internationally accepted rights of the child and their well-being is at the core of all EBPP’s interventions such as, providing nutritious meals, health and nutrition programs, sanitation programs, the EMpower program (teaching nutrition, sexual reproductive health and advocacy), vocational training in organic farming and environmental awareness.

The EBPP realizes that education is vital to empowering our communities by providing individuals with the skills and capacities necessary to tackle the challenges they face in their villages. Moreover, the EBPP realizes that education is the most effective way to materalize our vision of eliminating poverty and empowering the communities towards sustainable social and economic development in Desa Ban.




In 1998, the 6 most impoverished, illiterate and isolated communities of Ban village asked East Bali Poverty Project (EBPP) to help by educating their children to lead them to a better life. Since 1999, EBPP has launched 6 schools in these hamlets and educated more than 1,500 children, 5 of which have been sponsored to university.

We opened our 5th school in Jatituhu, the most isolated and impoverished hamlet in 2005 wherethe children have been educating their illiterate parents in health, hygiene, sanitation, organic farming and of course literacy ever since.

We need your help to continue their education to lead them to prosperity

Our donor for 12 primary & middle school students since 2011 can no longer continue sponsorship due to infirmity and lack of funds.

Running on tight budgets, where school meals are 24% of our budget and the best nutrition our children get, our inability to continue their education will seriously affect their growth and deprive them of a future.

The nearest government school, 2 hours walk away, is too far and without education they and their parents may return to the abject poverty of pre-2005

With your help, this project will fund one full school year for 12 children attending primary and junior high school in EBPP’s Jatituhu School.

In all EBPP schools, in addition to the national curriculum students learn life skills and subjects to arm them with options for a future of hope.

Every child has the right to a comprehensive education and USAID even called female education a “silver bullet” for empowerment and progress. Help them to stay in school.

By continuing to provide education for these children and all the children of Ban Village, they and future generations will become agents of change with the potential to lead their communities to a future of sustainable social and economic development. These 12 Jatituhu children and their other 33 classmates represent the 105 families in Jatituhu hamlet and all the communities look to their newly educated children to guide them to the future. Poverty should fade to history.


To continue providing comprehensive education for 12 students at our Jatituhu School by raising enough funds to sustain the sponsorship costs of these students and the operation costs of our EBPP School.

To do this we need to raise ($6.480) Rp. 84,203,610 over the course of a 35-day GlobalGivingUK Crowd Funding campaign.

The “Educate 12 East Bali Village Children”campaign was officially launch on GlobalGivingUK on the 16th of November, 2015.




This is Ni Ketut of Jatituhu
IMG_4576 Ni Ketut's daily chores; fetching grass for their cows, which are their 'bank'She has been attending the EBPP Jatituhu school since 2011 and has received education in subjects preparing for the national curriculum as well as vocational training in organic farming, environmental awareness, music& dance, and arts & crafts.

She goes to school because “she wants to ensure a future where she can help her family that never had the opportunity to go to school themselves.”

By helping us in this initiative you will be helping 11 other children like her to secure a healthy, sustainable future not only for themselves,but alsofor that of their whole community.



You have the power to make a difference to children in East Bali. Should you wish to join us on this exciting project to sustain education for the children of Jatituhu, we will gladly acknowledge and provide you with the appropriate recognition on our social media pages.

We ask you to help us by donating on our GlobalGivingUK campaign that closes on the 21st December 2015.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to donate directly to our page, there are many creative ways you can get involved. For example, host a fundraiser that could be anything from a music event to a bake sale.

Use your passion/expertise to, for example, host a donation based yoga session in which participants pay an optional amount and the funds go towards raising funds for the campaign.

We’d love to hear more from you as well – if you can think of any way to get involved, let us know!


We ask that you make your donation directly through our GlobalGivingUK campaign page on or after launch day, which now already visible to all our networks and friends of our networks on the 16th of November 2015.

We thank you for your time and your support and we hope that you will help us kick start this project by sponsoring some children in East Bali to improve their livelihoods in order for them to build the foundations for healthy, sustainable communities.

Warm regards,


David Booth and the EBPP Team