Celebrando el Día Nacional de Indonesia Educación en EBPP, 2013

Indonesia’s National Education Day has been celebrated annually throughout the country since 1960 on 2nd of May, to commemorate the birthday of Ki Hajar Dewantara, a national hero who was honoured as the father of national education in Indonesia. It is indeed a very special day for all children in EBPP’s 6 escuelas, who are effectively the first generation in the history of their respective hamlets to benefit from government approved education programmes, fully administered by EBPP.


1. Preparations for Indonesian National Education Day at Jatituhu

by I Wayan Merta, Art Team Coordinator, Jatituhu School, Ban Pueblo, 29 Abril 2013

Ahead of National Education Day students work with our teachers to create some. There are a lot of activities implemented in each programme, especially in Jatituhu School including amazing song, dance and drama events. Before the ceremony, children are learning to sing Mandatory songs, Hymne Guru (Teacher’s Hymn) and Terima kasihku (Thank You song).These are done because the songs are closely related to education. Besides it is to motivate the children to achieve their goals through education.

2. Preparations for Indonesian National Education Day at Bunga

by Sadi Ketut Ni Ariani, Teacher, Bunga School, Ban Pueblo, 29 Abril 2013

Celebrating Education Day on 2nd of May 2013, there are many activities will be implemented. The main celebration will be at Cegi school, in academic activities and creative arts performances. Students from Bunga, Cegi & Pengalusan Schools will join playing a student’s drama. Students of Bunga school will perform a Balinese Dance Puspapanjali. Los niños que participaron fueron bailando muy entusiasta durante el ensayo, que son fáciles de memorizar y reproducir los movimientos que fueron enseñadas.

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