Crowdfunding Sponsorship Gives New Hope to Shy Jatituhu Boy

Nop, 21, 2016 by Komang Kurniawan, Presidente EBPP & Team Leader

img_2586We are proud to report on the continued development of the 12 students in Jatituhu education programs that you sponsored through our crowdfunding campaign. All students are very eager to learn in the school even though they have to walk quite far, average 1 1.5 hours by foot from their house to the school. No public transport in this area, because the village is located on the slopes of the mountain, and can only can be accessed by foot; thick dust in the dry season, slippery in the rainy season, every day they pass, nevertheless they never complain because the one thing they want is SUCCESS, as verified by the expectations of one of the students below. 

Nengah is currently in class II Junior high school and the 11 other students are still in elementary school. He was born in Jatituhu on August 17º 2003 and he is the 6º son from 7 niños. His parents are dry land farmers who can only grow crops in the rainy season. He is very diligent in helping his parents; although he is still a child, he works like an adult. On none school days (Saturday and Sunday) he works from early morning to dig soil in his dry farm, planting or maintaining the crops and taking care of some livestock such as cattle, chicken and pigs. 

At the school he was known to be very quiet, but diligent in study. He likes history and Bahasa Indonesia subjects and sometimes Nengah looks very nervous when they learn in group lessons in class, because he is the only boy in the class. Sin embargo, he always tries to be the best, as can be seen from their development while studying at EMpower programme, our youth empowerment programme to give various skills to the students for their future. In this programme, from July 2015 a junio 2016, they all learn about nutrition, reproductive health, job skill, financial literacy and computer literacy and from July 2016, bamboo handicraft training. In this semester he is also learning about the Photovoices, where he wants to tell about the issues that exist in his hamlet to be made public though photos, so that local government and others also know what issue exist in their hamlet. Since he knows that EBPP found the donors to continue his education, he became more confident to study and he showed so much passion for learning in school. & Nbsp;

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He said: “I am very worried if no one helped me, I may not be at school, as my expectation was to go to a government school, but I have to walk very far and also I do not have a cost for myself. Lucky there is EBPP’s school in our hamlet, makes me and my friends can learn together to have better future, so I would like to say big thank you to everyone who has helped all of us to continuing our studies. I’m hoping so much to get a sponsor until university level, so after graduation I can help my village and also help families and communities to improve in many things to have a better future.” 

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