DON’T GIVE UP: Learn Balinese Dance

November 2016, By Putu Yudi, EBPP Part Time Balinese dance teacher

img_4269My name is Putu Yudi, a Dance Teacher from Tianyar Village.Everyday I teach Balinese Dance for childrenwho live nearby. One day, a friend of mine offered me to become a Dance Teacher in EBPP’s School. At first, I was very excited with that offer but when I came to the first school, I was shocked because it was not like what I have imagined. The school is located far away with sandy terrain and above 450 slope road. Knowing the situation, I thought probably it was not a suitable job for me as a woman. However, my heart said what it wants by looking at their innocent faces and I finally accepted the offer and became a Dance Teacher in six EBPP schools.

During my first time teaching, I felt exhausted when I arrived at school but the tiredness just went away right after I saw my students were already there waiting for me. With their enthusiasm, I am sure that someday they will dance perfectly. I taught the dance movement step by step from easy basic movement. As the time goes by, they are progressing to more difficult movement until they can do the whole dance routine perfectly. Frankly speaking, their accomplishment in doing perfect dance routine in just within several months was actually beyond my expectation.

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In the dance class, I separate the boys and girls because Balinese dance is not only for entertainment purpose but also has a holy value related to religious ceremonies in the temple. There are several dance routines that are only for men and the other only for women. For the boys, I teach Gopala (farm activity) and Wirayuda (man in war) dances. Meanwhile, I teach Pendet (welcome), Manukrawa (fly bird), Panyembrama, and other dances for the girls. Up until now, all the students that have been joining the dance class are able to do five until six different dances. I am really proud of those who were selected to do performances for EBPP’s events such as National Education Day and Independence Day. Sometimes, the community also ask them to perform dance for religious ceremony in the temple.

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As their dance teacher, I feel happy when I look at my students wearing a costume and dancing perfectly on the stage. Apparently, my effort is not become meaningless, my principle is whatever we do wholeheartedly will give a maximal result, just DON’TGIVE UP!I hope the lessons I have given to them can be useful for my students and for the community so that they can withhold the sacred values of Balinese tradition/culture.

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