Door: Ni Komang (girl), 14 jaar, Junior High School klas 2, CEGI

img_3053Op woensdag, Oktober 26th, 2016, my friends and I got Free Writing and Focus Writing Lessons in our EMpower Photovoices class. Before writing, the teachers taught us the techniques first. The techniques are writing without thinking, don’t be afraid of making mistakes and don’t typo the writing if we wrote the wrong one. The teachers then asked us to write the Free Writing first. The teachers said that anything is there on our mind must come out and write freely.

We did wrote without thinking. We just wrote the things which passed on our mind. In 10 minuten, I had written many things as much as one page like school, milieu, homework, the butterfly which flew around us, enzovoort. I was very happy since this thing was very easy to do. My friend’s writings were very funny. They wrote many things like a deadly chicken. Their expression was funny too when they read it in front of class.

img_3043The second lesson was Focus Writing. This lesson has different way against Free Writing. On Focus Writing we have to develop one idea to make a story, don’t repeat a sentence which has same meaning and don’t put some words which has same meaning together. We can start writing from general things to specific or the opposite depending the writing style we use.

After doing Free Writing, we were doing Focus Writing by img_3448selecting one idea from the Free Writing we did in the beginning. I wrote about my best friend, Yuliani because she was passing on my mind when writing. I wrote about what she did in the class at the day.

Free Writing against Focus Writing is quite different. Free Writing is just write what happened on our mind whereas on the Focus Writing we have to write one topic to be developed. Focus Writing was quite difficult since I didn’t know how to develop the idea yet but Free Writing was easy since I could write while joking with my friend.

My writings at the day were quite satisfying myself. These lessons were very useful for me because they make writing story and caption on the Photovoices Lesson easier and maybe will give me a benefit when I am trying to get a job in the future. I was very happy for going to school at that day since I got some ways to write (free and focus) and how to develop an idea from my mind.



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