EBPP Children’s Bali Safari & Marine Park Study Tour No 3: Manikaji School children & tutors

Por Juan Herrero, EBPP volunteer for PR & documentation

This is the third trip for EBPP students to experience the greatest adventure so far in their lives: the Bali Safari & parque Marino. This time was for the 76 children and 6 tutors from Manikaji School.

The kids jumping from the truck in which they came all the way from Manikaji

I joined the buses at 4.00am from Bali Discovery Tours’ Sanur office went all the way up to the chilly saddle between Mounts Agung and Abang to wait for the kids. They arrived all together, jumped from the truck, stepped on the buses and started the day.

The kids didn't miss a thing looking at everything through the windows. In the bus, on the way to the safari.

The kids didn't miss a thing looking at everything through the windows. In the bus, on the way to the safari.

Once we started down the steep south face of the mountain and the first villages showed up, all the kids’ eyes were wide open already, just quietly looking at everything that was unfamiliar, strange, new… Every so often some words in low voice filled the sleepy air in the bus “sawah, sawah”. These were the first padi fields many had ever seen A far cry from their own village farms of steep and dry volcanic ash, where they can only grow cassava and corn!

We finally got to our destination after such a shaky ride that made everyone on board dizzy! The steamy atmosphere surrounded us. Big animals on billboards welcomed us at the parking lot. The kids were twisting and craning their necks, looking everywhere at the same time. We waited for our turn for the safari tour, then jumped on the vehicles and started the wild trip!

"What do I do with this metal thing?" At the entrance of the installations

The tour all around with the different animals from Asia and Africa, the marine park, the bird exhibitions, the elephant show, all those “white” people around; followed by the super cool ice cream break, and everything sprinkled with the magical Safari atmosphere continuing with the jungle type buildings and surroundings… The kids were astonished, amazement showing in their wide open mouths, expressions of awe, but no words uttered….

Touring around the african area

The kids inside the bus that carried us through the different continents

In the aquarium

Expressions waiting the line

the super cool ice cream break

Feeding the elephants. Amazing animals

Expressions during the elephant show

The educative elephant show

Expressions during the elephant show

Interacting with the friendly cacatua

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