EBPP Health Team Coordinator, Ms Sinta Ardiani: “The importance of sanitation facilities in Ban village”.

Sinta has been the Health Team Coordinator for EBPP since 2006. She spoke with us about the importance of building toilet and bathroom facilities in Ban village.

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What changes have you seen in the 8 hamlets where toilets have already been built?

As I have seen in Cegi and Pengalusan hamlets, the first to have toilets and bathrooms in 2010, babies are healthier, children are always much cleaner and rarely have skin infections and, of course, the environment is cleaner and there is no smell when entering their hamlets as before.


What sanitation or hygiene awareness programmes have been implemented? E.g. through Posyandu (monthly maternal & infant health posts)?

We’ve always provided sanitation and hygiene awareness and education programmes to mothers and infants at all of the 27 posyandu and review weekly in all EBPP school children’s curriculum on the importance of maintaining good personal hygiene by frequent hand washing, daily bathing, keeping your home clean and defecating and disposing of human waste in the correct place.


What changes to the community’s health have you seen since you first started working for EBPP?

Most noticeable has been the higher number of mothers and babies coming to the monthly posyandu since we started the Playgroup programmes in 2007 where a big focus is on infant personal hygiene, oral hygiene and nutrition. This means we access more infants 0-5 years old to get immunizations, more women are using birth control and there is increased awareness of the need for clean drinking water, especially since we provided the Nazava clean water filters to all the posyandu and schools in the region in 2011 and 2012.


Are the communities of Ban using the toilets that have been built? How do you know?

They all are! The families in Cegi, Pengalusan, Bunga, Manikaji Pucak & Kaliagi, Jatituhu and Daya are happy and grateful for the health, sanitation and hygiene training and toilet and bathroom facilities EBPP helped them build. We also regularly interview many families in each hamlet on the improvements to their lives since they have had the toilet/bathroom facilities and regular inspections show that they keep them very clean and fully use the bathroom facility for cleaning teeth, laundry and regular bathing. Most say that they now bathe twice a day whereas before they had the toilet and bathroom blocks they did not bathe very often and rarely cleaned their teeth.



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