EBPP joins the UN to celebrate World Toilet Day

Este Dia, the 19th of November, is the UN designated “World Toilet Day.”

“The aim of World Toilet Day is to raise awareness about the people in the world who don’t have access to a toilet, despite the fact that it is a human right to have clean water and sanitation.” This year, World Toilet Day focuses on the link between sanitation and nutrition.

We at EBPP are promoting this day through our website and social media channels to highlight the importance of sanitation for healthier lives, especially children from 0-5 años de edad. As we know, almost the whole population of over 3,000 families in Desa Ban had no toilets or sanitation facilities in 1998 and most of the 12 more remote hamlets had never heard of a toilet – and all practiced open defecation!

We are proud that EBPP’s good sanitation and hygiene education through EBPP schools, community and posyandu awareness, have empowered all the 19 Desa Ban communities to request toilet blocks for each family.

Desde 2010, EBPP attracted donor/sponsor funds to introduce toilets to the community, providing supervision and materials for families to construct their owntoilet blocks for their families. EBPP has so far helped 725 families build toilets in 8 of its 19 caseríos.

Earlier this year, our crowdfunding campaign “Toilets Today for a Healthy Tomorrow” was launched to raise funds for the construction of toilet facilities for135 families living without a toilet in Manikaji Asti hamlet. The construction of the toilet facilities began around 2 weeks ago. We will provide a report of the progress of the toilet project in Manikaji Asti on a regular basis.

En enero 2016, we intend to launch another Crowdfunding campaign centered on raising funds to build toilet facilities for the next hamletTemakung. Please support us by helping us to spread the word when we launch our Temakung toilets Crowd Funding campaign in Enero 2016, to your networks and friends to help us achieve our goal of raising enough funds for 216 more families to build their toilets.

I’ll be in touch again soon with more information, and thank you so much as always for your continued support.

Warm regards

David and EBPP Team

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