EBPP équipe Musique Rejoignez Atelier OFDM Musique,en & Apportez L'équipe Lombok à Ban!!

Par Eliya Simantov, EBPP volunteer Music Program Developer

Group Photo: Raoul Wijffels, (extreme right) EBPP's Edi & Wayan (next to Raoul)

27e Mars 2011: Nous sommes ravis de vous dire que l'équipe Musique EBPP participe actuellement à un projet de formation très excitant, initiated by our good friend Raoul Wijffels and Un dollar pour la musique fondation [OFDM www.onedollarformusic.com], further developing the close cooperation between our two foundations. The EBPP Music Team is participating in an extended 4 week workshop as part of ODFM’s “Young Sounds of Indonesia” project, in which they’re joining a group of young musicians from our neighboring island of Lombok who are training to be professional music coaches & youth leaders in their Lombok communities. Very exciting and powerful stuff!!

A group of six Lombok trainees will go to Desa Ban on 28e March to join our music team from 28e to 30th March 2011 inclusive, to get some crucial “hands-on” experience in teaching young students in a real-time, rural environment – that will prepare them to excel in their respective Lombok rural villages. Desa Ban seems especially appropriate since our six EBPP Schools are very different from each other in character, population and access, and will be perfect to simulate different working environments for the future music coaches – and give valuable experience to EBPP music team of Wayan, Edi, Yeny & Made Kari – of working as a team with outside young musicians with varied talents. During the first weeks of the workshop, that are currently conducted by ODFM in Denpasar, they are receiving valuable practical and theoretical training in music teaching, class management, music class and curriculum planning, musicianship, different musical styles and genres, and much, much more.

We are all thrilled at this opportunity to further the development of our EBPP Music Team which is designed to create and encourage talented musicians and groups throughout the 19 hamlet village of Desa Ban. We certainly hope for more great programmes like this one, but presently must seek more funding!

Another major goal for which we are currently seeking funding is to start an instrument-building workshop, with the key steps as follows:

  1. Identify local artisans, preferably experienced in making bamboo flutes and other instruments, who will be able to work and train our people in the village.
  2. Planning the different aspects of the workshop; what instruments will be produced (flutes, percussion etc.); human resources and training schedules.
  3. Allocation of workspace appropriate for an instrument building workshop at Ban village.
  4. Seeking partners to assist and cooperate in areas such as marketing, packaging and distribution of the instruments produced [obviously in the medium-long term BUT we must start planning now….!].

Within this project, EBPP goal is that members of our village will be able to build musical instruments, using local bamboo grown as part of our inventive EBPP Bamboo Programme! This type of project can provide essential jobs and income to our talented high school children and eventually to complete village communities. If we can get the desired expertise, put suitable packages together, we hope that this will become an exciting investment opportunity for our partners and donors. Projects like this and more are waiting around the corner for us, and so we are looking forward to a very productive and inspiring year! Thank you all for your continued interest and support, and we hope to see you very soon!

Raoul Wijffels introduces himself and gives briefing to all participants

A participant shares his skill with the others

Fait à (one of EBPP music trainers) presents creation of EBPP music team

One of the trainers teaching "sitar" instrument

Edi and Wayan, EBPP music trainers, try the new musical instruments at the workshop

Rehearsal together with other participants

Edi (one of EBPP music trainers; right side) extremely enthusiastic played percussion instrument

Attentive participants get theory training

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atelier de musique

These are the very nice pictures about the music workshop. Creates a learning as well as teaching environment for everyone. Thanks.

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