EBPP music tutors get expert training

After the exciting workshops that were conducted by ODFM (Un dollar pour la musique) coaches for our school children at the Pengalusan and Cegi schools, we are delighted to report on our “Train the Trainers” workshop where our local young Balinese staff (all of whom have music as their hobby and play in local groups in their spare time) are learning to be the new music teachers in all our 6 écoles EBPP. As our aim is to ensure the sustainability and future growth of our program, our musicians are being trained to be professional music coaches by the ODFM expert team, headed by ODFM founder, Raoul Wijffels.

Le 2 weeks intensive workshop is taking place at the ODFM facility in Sanur, and at DJ Production music studios in Denpasar, where our future music teachers are receiving instruction in different aspects of music education and training. Different musical instruments will be used for the initial instruction period in our village, starting with guitars and keyboard. We are currently looking for sponsorship, in order to continue our music program, and to provide our schoolchildren and instructors with the opportunity to get to know more instruments (we are planning to incorporate percussion instruments, bamboo flutes, and bass playing into our program) and to experience more of the wonderful world of music and art in a sustainable and enriching manner. This is another EBPP program designed to open opportunities for all the children’s sustainable professional future business development,as none of our children wish to leave their villages to seek menial work in the Bali tourism centres.

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