Por Enru Siagian, EBPP Graphic Design Specialist

En 10º y 11ºJunio 2016, EBPP senior high school students trained in bamboo handicraft skills since January 2016 on our EMpower programme came down from Ban village and rendezvous with other EBPP staff to join Sustainable Solutions, a music, arts, environmental festival that was held in Green School Bali .

Sustanable Solution 1We are there to Promote EBPP’s sustainable Bamboo Development Program and showcase bamboo handicraft products as a vendor at the event’s Eco market. Some of the shown products made by EBPP students are bamboo crafted dish tray, home decorations crafted from bamboo roots, smartphone speaker stands and the amazing balancing dragonfly. Many visiting kids were fascinated with the dragonlfly, some directly bought it & some just played or snap pictures.

Sustanable Solution 3Our first customer, a Green school students, was absolutely fascinated seeing the dragonfly balancing on its nose and after about 5 minutes of studying it, blowing it and touching it said “It’s impossible! Can’t be! It’s truly magic!!” EBPP students also demonstrated their skills at the event using bamboo crafting tools and weaving bamboo with bare hands to create a storage box and actually making the delicate dragonfly’s.

Sustanable Solution 2The event was packed with Green school’s children playing around, padres & people from all over. There are many other interesting environmental organizations promoting their ideas. It was a wonderful event to rise our spirit on developing environmental based sustainable economy .

The first day of the Green School Eco Festival, 10º Junio, was also the day that we launched our

GlobalGiving UK Crowdfunding campaign

http://www.globalgiving.co.uk/projects/bamboo-business-for-3000-east-bali-families/ .

which concludes on the 10th of July. Please donate and help us reach our goal!

poster for Greenschool Event

The Poster that was shown at our Eco market booth to promote
EBPP’s Sustainable Bamboo Development Program

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