Noviembre 2016, by Okta Dessa and Meuthika Noor Fitriyana, EBPP Health Team

kader-2The Posyandu (hamlet-based mother & baby health posts) is one of the main health programs from the many programs of EBPP. The number of Posyandu that we conduct together with Puskesmas Kubu II and sponsored by Inspirasia Foundation are 47 located in Ban Village and Tianyar Timur Village. With so many, Posyandu Visits are a routine job that we do every day.

Activities in Posyandu include Monitor Children’s Growth and Development (measuring children’s weight & height), Mother and Child Services such as immunization for diseases prevention, family planning services, information and counselling or referral counselling if needed. In order to ensure all those activities are done, certainly needs many health team staff. Besides EBPP staff, it also needs other local people for organizing the Posyandu. These people are called Kader (cadre); they are local community volunteer representative from areas near each Posyandu.

Kaders play the main roles to make a successful Posyandu based on the Posyandu’s booklet. They coordinate with Puskesmas and organize the community for Posyandu day. During the Posyandu activities, they do the mothers & children registration, measuring children’s weight & height, record the children’s measurements, delivering primary health care & education programs to the mothers, organizing nutritious food supplement for the children, and other tasks that must be done by Kader before, during and after Posyandu day.

Existen 5 Kader in every Posyandu. So, the total Kader in Ban Village and Tianyar Timur village are 235 persons. One of the EBPP’s health programs goals is to optimize Posyandu function with competent and independent Kaders that do not need support from EBPP anymore. When we started for Posyandu capacity building programmes in Ban village in 2003, there were only 4 Posyandu in Ban village. Paso a paso hemos establecido Posyandu adicional en cada aldea por lo que ahora tenemos 27 en Ban y todas las madres y los niños tienen fácil acceso a cada Posyandu. También tuvimos dificultad en el reclutamiento de la Kaders que debe poder leer y escribir debido a la alta tasa de analfabetismo en el pueblo de Ban.

kader-3 img_2117 kader-1

En marzo 2016, EBPP llevó a cabo la formación para todos Kader Posyandu en Ban pueblo acerca de las tareas que tienen que hacer. Durante el entrenamiento, se encontró que no todo el Kader entendido plenamente sus tareas, especialmente en el llenado de la KMS (Kartu Menuju Sehat/Health Card Record). KMS filling is an important task to identify children’s nutrition status whether they are malnourished or not. EBPP re-train the kaders again on how to fill the KMS and how to identify malnourished children. EBPP team are also doing on the spot training in Posyandu especially about KMS filling. As a result, now they can do KMS filling although they still don’t understand enough how to identify children’s nutrition status. Because of that, we still guide and supervise them when they are doing their task. But we still have homework to makes Kader really understand and doing their job well so later they can be independent Kader. We cannot achieve that goal alone. We need help from donors. Like EBPP’s motto, Ayúdanos a ayudarles a ayudarse a sí mismos! we must be sure that with perseverance can creates the Kader as a Posyandu main activator.

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