EBPP Schools Celebrate Indonesian National Education Day, May 2nd 2016

Por: I Komang Kurniawan, Chairman & EBPP Team Leader

“Let’s implement our compulsory education. The young generation are the hope of our Nation”. These are some of the lyrics from the National song, “Compulsory Education”, which was sung beautifully by all children from EBPP’s 6 schools to signify that the celebration of Indonesian National Education Day had begun.

Mayo 2nd was chosen as Indonesia’s National Education Day in commemoration of the birthday of Ki Hajar Dewantoro, a visionary figure who was both an educator and a fervent patriot fighting for independence. He was the founder in 1922 de la “Taman Siswa”, Indonesia’s first national educational institute. It was an education structure that would liberate the country from the discriminatory Dutch school system and give students the freedom and opportunities to realise, explore and develop their own abilities, talents and ambitions.

Celebrations of Indonesian National Educational Day this year seemed more special than last year due to the motivational speech from EBPP Founder, David J Stand, who stressed the importance of each child being motivated and closed by saying, “Through education, our young generation can get out of poverty and have a better future.
2Thunderous cheers were given by the children and spectators when the master of ceremony announced the Puspanjali dance as the opening of the 2016 celebrations. The next activity – and always the most lively – was the General knowledge quiz between EBPP Schools. Each participant demonstrated the ability in answering every question thrown by the jury.


Before the stage show began, there was painting competition by elementary, junior and senior high school children, mentored by I Wayan Lias, the former EBPP Cegi School pupil who graduated in 2011. After completing a 4 year Fine Arts degree at Ganesha University in Singaraja, returned to join EBPP team as our creative arts teacher.. The event became livelier when the students performed their passionate songs. The audience was more crowded until they unknowingly drifted into their very own music festival which was very rarely seen by them. The songs performed were Bunda (Mother) por escolares EBPP Bunga, negro y blanco (negro Blanco) por escolares EBPP Pengalusan, Llévame a tu corazón por escolares EBPP CEGI, los matices de la mañana (mañana Nuance) por escolares EBPP Manikaji, Sólo siembra (Justo lo planta) por escolares EBPP Jatituhu, Gracias por Sudini de EBPP la escuela y Pengalusan Cabe Bajang-cabean (adolescentes solteras) por escolares EBPP Darmaji.

3Hasta el final de la serie, el tiempo era 13:00, se dieron cuenta cuando el MC anunció que el espectáculo había terminado y se cerró con un espectáculo de danza por los niños de la escuela EBPP Bunga; a continuación, proceder a la entrega de los trofeos a los ganadores de los concursos de conocimientos generales escuelas. En esta competición, el primer premio a nivel de la escuela primaria era la escuela Pengalusan, seguido de CEGI y Bunga en los lugares segundo y tercero. escuela Darmaji consiguió el primer premio a nivel secundaria, seguido de Bunga y Manikaji en segundo y tercer lugar.

escuela Pengalusan consiguió el primer premio a nivel del instituto de secundaria, seguido de Darmaji y CEGI en segundo y tercer clasificado. Después de un par de canciones, la celebración se cerró con el canto de la otra canción importante Nacional, El Guru Himno (canto de alabanza para los profesores) by all participants of the ceremony who stood in the quite simple but open place, Pengalusan aldea bale banjar (community meeting hall) in East Bali. We hope that through these celebrations, we can grow a cultured generation with Pancasila (the five national principles defined by Indonesia’s founding fathers in 1945) character as the national principle.

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