By Julita Mekaria, EBPP Secretary

11mai 2011 BaliEpicure presentation in EBPP Bamboo Centre

Le jeudi, 30 Juin 2011, à 6.15 am, I went up to Daya with David Booth, Elia Simantov, (EBPP volunteer Music Teacher) and Aris Harianto (Marketing EBPP & PR) avec 2 key objectives

  • To prepare 2 of EBPP best young graduates, Wayan Lias [EBPP Cegi école] & Jati Arthana [EBPP Manikaji School] for taking their university entrance exams at Ganesha University in Singaraja at the beginning of July 2011. We were lucky that Sadi Ariani, presently completing her 4 year teaching degree course at Ganesha University, was home in Ban for the Galungan holidays and could provide good information for the boys. Sadi was in EBPP’s first group 12 of sponsored students that had graduated from Desa Ban Elementary Schools in 1999 and continued their study to Junior & Senior High school in Singaraja, sponsored mainly by Danu Enterprises from USA. After graduating from Senior High School in 2005, EBPP took her as a trainee teacher for 2 years and in 2007 she enrolled to University of Ganesha in Singaraja to do a degree to be a primary school teacher, sponsored by Tim Palmer-Pattison & Robert Fields. Jati and Lias will enrol to the same University this year. Hopefully they will be accepted.
  • Provided cooking course questionnaire to be filled in by Cegi & Pengalusan EBPP Kejar Paket C (Senior High School) students for evaluation by the sponsors, BALIEPICURE (BE), “one of the largest companies in Bali providing high quality villa and catering services.

Jati stated Elementary School student in EBPP’s Manikaji Mekar, in January 2001, graduating from EBPP senior high school in 2010. EBPP took him as a trainee mathematics teacher in August 2010 and since, he has proved to be exceptionally capability in teaching in a refreshing style. He chose mathematics to enrol University which will be sponsored by Mr. Barry Thomas of Australia. Lias, in his final year at EBPP Senior High School will graduate this year. Lias has the amazing quality art spirit particularly painting, therefore he chose art as his major so that both Jati and Lias would then be qualified to teach mathematic and art. Sadi, Jati and Lias will dedicate themselves to be teachers at EBPP schools on completion of their degrees.

After one hour discussion with them, I went to EBPP Bamboo Training & Learning Centre where David presented and explained about EBPP training programmes to EBPP Kejar Paket C (Senior High School) students of Cegi and Pengalusan, both are integrated children education programme that were launched in 2000 with sponsorship from Bali Dynasty Resort, which still is our proud sponsor of our Pengalusan School, Cegi now being sponsored by Joure Church in Holland. The children listen attentively about some training which they have opportunity to attend after taking National Exam on 19-22 Juillet 2011.

The training courses are [1] Spa therapist training, [2] Cooking course, [3] Bamboo Field School and [4] Bali Traditional dancing training which will be implement in early August 2011 onwards. Spa therapist training & Cooking course will be held and supported by BE, they have sincere willingness to share knowledge, information and experience through training. The goals are [1] they have a knowledge and skills, [2] have a dream job in the near future and [3] able to stand on their own feet.

As a screening step, we provided a questionnaire to know their talent and interest in each programmes. The questionnaire should be filled in based on their hearts without influence and interference from their friends because surely each child has different interests and talents. Enfin, the six children who are interested in learning cooking completed the questionnaire. To my surprise all are boys from Cegi and the remaining four questionnaires, which were completed one day later, and sent by Komang Kurniawan [Team Leader] were from boys in EBPP Manikaji School, an integrated education programme, sponsored by Annika Linden Foundation. We then submitted all 10 forms to BE. A few weeks before the questionnaire for Spa Therapist training had submitted to BE to be reviewed and evaluated. After having had tough consideration, one boy and one girl for Spa training and two boys from Cegi and two boys from Manikaji for cooking course selected as the participants for first initial training in early August 2011.

I have no doubt that they can achieved their ambition to have a dream job in the future because they have enthusiasm, excitement, positive thinking and eager to learn new things in order to develop their own village for sustainable social and economic development.

11mai 2011 - EBPP students listen intently to BE team's training opportunity briefing

BE's Dasha Korol (seated) and Ibu Sisi demonstration

Preparing the fruits for healthy organic juices - to eventually be created by EBPP students!

11mai 2011 Pak Nyoman and assistant demonstrate juicer with to students with David looking on

Wanna be boy cooks try their hand into the juicer..

Proof of the juice is in the tasting - Come on who's first!

30 Juin 2011 David Briefing EBPP soon to graduate students re-skills training in Bamboo Centre

David Booth briefing EBPP high school children on opportunity choices for up-coming training courses



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