EBPP Personeel

David J Booth MBE, Founder and ChairmanEBPP's Founder Trustee & CEO

A native of north-west England, David chose Indonesia as his adopted home in 1989. In 1998, he decided to give something back by using his diverse experience in civil engineering, marketing, teaching and writing to help the most impoverished regions in Bali on a path towards sustainable social and economic development, prioritising children’s health, education and nutrition. Since founding the East Bali Poverty Project in 1998, his foundation has educated over 400 kinderen, 96 of which had graduated primary school by July 2005. Safe water and community health projects, prioritising mothers and children, have benefited over 2,000 families and the whole region now looks forward to a brighter future led by their newly empowered children. David’s MBE award in 2004 was in recognition of his “Services to Sustainable Rural Development in East Bali, Indonesia”.


Dr Gede Indraguna Pinatih, volunteer health and nutrition advisor and Secretary of the Board of Yayasan Ekoturin

Dr Indraguna, is a qualified general practitioner and nutrition specialist, with a MSc in Human Nutrition from the London University School of Hygiene. He joined EBPP in 1999 after being recommended by UNICEF as the most qualified specialist to assist with the design and implementation of our successful IDD programme. His assistance and commitment was also vital in eliminating vitamin A deficiency, and in the evaluation of the causes for all the basic sicknesses prevalent in Desa Ban. He continues to advise on and treat all health related problems which cannot be solved by local health care providers, and regularly assesses the quality of our children’s school meal menus and the children’s nutrition status.


Komang Kurniawan, Team Leader of all EBPP field programmes

Komang, a skilled leader and communicator, has worked with David from the very beginning, initiating culturally sensitive communication with the communities of all the 19 remote hamlets developing a partnership of mutual trust with the community leaders and residents. As Team Leader, Komang has coordinated every activity in the field which comprises over 30 projects in education, public health, nutrition, hygiëne, safe water supply, organic vegetable farming development, goat breeding, infrastructure and more. He leads a team of over 40 staff in the field. He was also the initiator of our now regular Independence Day celebrations.



Tri Budiyono, Senior Office Administrator, Data Analyst and Supervisor of UNICEF sponsored micronutrient deficiency programmes since 2001.

Tri, a native of Solo in Java, joined David as a volunteer in July 1998 after graduating Tourism School in Bali. In 1998, Tri took charge of interviewing 1,056 families in the Desa Ban community, to better know their situation, and compiled detailed analysis of the data, often entailing work until 2.00am. His commitment hasn’t wavered since. Sinds 1999, he has been the mainstay of all office administration, computer development and training of all EBPP staff. Tri is also responsible for our accounting department. He inspires confidence in donors and the whole Yayasan Board of Directors.


Eur. Eng. Dr.. J. Scott Younger, OBE, FICE

With degrees in Engineering from Glasgow, UC Berkeley and Hong Kong, Scott is a recognized leader in infrastructure development across Asia, having held a range of senior academic, consulting and business development roles in Hong Kong, Thailand and Indonesia for the last 30 jaar. He has served as project manager and consultant in many World Bank and ADB funded road and water sector programs, and was Team Leader for the UK and World Bank funded, award winning Master’s Degree program in Highway and Transport Engineering at the Institute of Technology, Bandung. He serves as President Commissioner of one of Indonesia’s few listed infrastructure companies, PT Nusantara Infrastructure Tbk as well as Commissioner for The East Bali Poverty Project. In 2003 he was awarded the OBE for services to civil engineering and British business interests in Indonesia.