EBPP students celebrate National Education Day

Oleh: I Gede Sudarma, Health Team Educator.

Mari kita laksanakan wajib belajar. Putra – putri tunas bangsa harapan Negara, the Indonesian national song that EBPP students sang beautifully to open the Education Day celebration that falls every year on 2nd of May. The narrow stage and the hot weather did not take their spirit down while following every activity during the celebration.

DSC_0121Kali ini, the celebration was a bit different. The celebration is usually held every 2nd of May, but this year it was delayed for 6 days since there was Junior High School examinations on 4th - 6th Mei 2015. This celebration took place in Pengalusan Hamlet at the BalaiBanjar (balai desa), Ban Village, Kubu, Karangasem, Bali.

The theme of the celebration was “through the Education Day celebration we create an education and culture as an action to educate and grow the generation based on sustainable development visions,” which means through the celebration hopefully we can grow the generation based on our culture and according to the aspirations of our parents who asked EBPP to provide education for their children to lead their communities to better lives of happiness and prosperity for present and future generations.

As usual, besides commemorating the education day, this celebration is a great opportunity to show EBPP students’ academic talent. The competition was started by competition between elementary level then followed by junior high level and senior high level among the 6 EBPP schools. Every contestant showed their ability in answering every questions that was thrown at them by the juries. In the competition, Darmaji School were the winners for elementary level and junior high level, while the senior high level was won by the students from Pengalusan.


“I was very happy and proud to be the champion on that competition. My hard effort finally achieved full success,” said Sudini happily, the winner of senior high level.

Many kinds of art performances were done at the celebration. Cegi students performed Puspanjali Dance as the opening of the celebration and followed with “Hati yang Terdalam (The Deepest Heart)” song.The Students of Pengalusan School entertained the people by “Madu dan Racun (Honey and Poison)” song and the students of Cegi School sang a song entitled “Thank You”. Jatituhu students sang a song entitled “Mengejar Mimpi (Chase A Dream). Then a poem entitled “Rajawali (Eagle)” by the famous Indonesian poet, W. S. Will, was read by the student from Manikaji School. Darmaji students sang a song entitled “Pipis (Money). Akhirnya, the students from Bunga School performed a song entitled “Bunda (Mother)” and Cendrawasih Dance for closing the celebration.

“Education day is a great day because the children can show their achievements and creativity,” said Arnawa, one of EBPP’s teachers, proudly.

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