EBPP Students’ Final Examinations for Primary, Junior, and Senior High School Academic Year 2016-2017

Prepared by: Made Suarjana, Education Team Coordinator.& Nbsp;

Final examinations to graduate primary, junior and senior high school are written exams set by the ministry of education in every academic curriculum subject. The examinations aim to measure how successfully the students mastered the material, also as an indicator if the student could pass the exam, and determine if the students will continue their studies to a higher level. El Proyecto del este de Bali Pobreza (EBPP) has conducted these final examinations since 2003 when our 13 Bunga School students, who started their first class from total illiteracy on 31st August 1999, took and passed their primary school exams after only three and a half years study at EBPP’s first hamlet school.

Este año, the final examinations for senior high were the first, taking place on April 15th, 16º, 22nd and 23rd in EBPP’s Cegi Mekar School. From EBPP’s 6 escuelas, nine students took the exams: Cegi, four (2 boys and 2 girls); Manikaji three (2 girls & 1 niño); Darmaji, one boy; and one girl from Jatituhu School. The first day’s exams were Indonesian and Geography. Mathematics and Sociology the second day. English and Economic the third day, and last day was Social Studies.

Junior high level were conducted May 13th, 14º, and 20th. The first day’s exams were Indonesian and Social Studies, Mathematic and Social Sciences were the second day, and the last day’s were English and Science. Sixteen students took the exams: 1 boy and 1 girl from Bunga; Six boys from Pengalusan; three (2 niñas y 1 niño) from; Two girls from Manikaji ; And three boys from Darmaji. Final examinations for primary level were held over two days, May 21st and 22nd 2017 in their respective schools. Twenty five students who took the exams: 8 from Pengalusan, 6 from Darmaji, Jatituhu 6, and Manikaji 5 estudiantes. The first day’s exams were Indonesian and Maths, and Sciences on the second or last day.

Preparations for all levels started in January 2017, and the students were given some exercises to know how far they had mastered the materials they had learned. The exam went smoothly, and were overseen by representatives from Karangasem Educational Department. The students were not nervous and very disciplined as usual as well as being very confident doing the tests. Those doing exams in each subject found few difficulties; they were sure about their answers and they hope they will pass the exam.

On May 2nd 2017, the results of the final examinations for senior high level were announced – AND ALL STUDENTS PASSED their exams with good grades. Desde el 9 participants, I Nengah Yasa from Manikaji Mekar School got the highest grade! We were all so very proud!!

But the announcement for junior and primary level has not come out yet from the government and for them, this exam was the biggest chance to measure their abilities and to prove that they can do well with what they have, even though they felt they had some limitations and deficiencies. They hope they can pass the exam and can graduate and hope they are able to continue their studies to a higher level – so that in the future they can develop their potential in their own area where they live.

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