EBPP Students’ performance 2011 CHRISTMAS EVE @ Amankila Resort, Mangoustan, Bali

Ces 22 talentueux 10-15 year old performers are all children from EBPP’s Darmaji and Jatituhu Schools, situé dans 2 des hameaux les plus isolés élevées jusqu'à pentes du mont Abang, 4.5 kilomètres de l'autoroute la plus proche. Comme la première génération dans leur région d'être éduqué, they all thirst for knowledge and new skills and they are all, without a doubt, la fierté de leurs communautés respectives.

Their one music class/week for the last year has opened more avenues for them to express themselves and choose their future; all of the 3 girls who sang have ambitions to be professional singers.
Taught by Bambang Sri Handoko, EBPP’s Volunteer Music Teacher, and with all the instruments donated, they learnt to perform this simple opera after only 2 weeks training.

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