EBPP Studenten Prestatie @ 2e Bali Garden Party september 22 2012

Door David J Booth MBE, Founder and Trustee

Het Bali Garden Party 2012, sponsored by Phoenix Communications and organized by the dynamic Rob & Nadira Doddemeade, begonnen op zaterdag, September 22 met een dag vol plezier, games en voedsel voor ongeveer 200 kansarme kinderen, inclusief 22 Oost-Bali Poverty Project studenten, vertegenwoordigen onze 6 scholen. The highlight of their and other children’s day was this great environmental drama created by EBPP students and staff with a clear message to the audience to protect your living environment: it is our future! EBPP’s students, aged from 9-18, demonstrated great talent and sound environmental passion as great future guardians of their mountain environment and teachers of others

Warm Regards


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