Mahasiswa EBPP, Staff & Communities Celebrating 72nd Indonesian Independence day

By I Made Suarjana, Coordinator of Education Team

The 72nd Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia, celebrated annually by EBPP, was held this year in Daya River bed after extensive preparation and practices which began in early July. The celebration began with the Flag Raising Ceremony to give respect and appreciation to the national patriots who fought persistently and sacrificed their lives for the sake of Indonesia’s independence.  The ceremony was followed by various kinds of competition among EBPP school students which included Moving Water between Two Bottles with a straw, Tug of War on Top of the Wood, Hurdles race, Sack Race – to Dangdut Music, Crazy Rope and Areca Nut Tree Climbing Competition. The rumbling and the cheers of the audience shrieked to encourage the competing contestants. Hot weather and dust along with strong winds did not shake the participants’ determination to compete. As for who came out as the champion in the Moving Water between Two Bottles Competition (boys) were Manikaji team, with Bunga as the runner up, and Pengalusan third. Meanwhile, in the girls event: Darmaji was the winner, Manikaji 2nd, and Bunga came 3rd. In the Tug of War on Top of the Wood, boys: Cegi team won, Manikaji 2nd and Bunga came third. In the girls’ event, the winner was Darmaji, Manikaji second and Cegi came third. In the Hurdles Competition, the male category winner was Pengalusan, followed by Cegi and Bunga came third. And so on.

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Video & Editing by: Kristina Sergeeva

The events then moved to the stage, with students’ creative arts events from each school. They began with Puspanjali dance performance which was a welcoming dance performed by students from Jatituhu school. The gracious movements of the dancers with the sound of gamelan and audience applauses made the atmosphere more vibrant and lively. The performance was paused for a speech delivered by Mr David J Booth about the progress of the EBPP program. It was then followed by poetry reading entitled “INDONESIAKU” from the representatives of the students from Bunga village. The poetry reading was so extraordinary that it gave the audience goose bumps. As if it that was not enough, a fairy tale entitled “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” was outstandingly performed by the students from Manikaji.

The big event of the day was the 25 minutes EMpower Photovoices drama performed by students of Junior and senior class from Jatituhu School. The performance was very useful for the development of their knowledge and had successfully entertained the audience.  After that, the “Wirayudadance was performed by Elementary students from Pengalusan School followed byBlibisdance performed by boys of Bunga School, which was as fascinating as the Wirayuda’s. There was also modern dance performed by Manikaji and Cegi students which added to the vibrant and festive atmosphere. The event continued with the performances of music and songs from each school (Bunga, Cegi, Pengalusan, Manikaji, and Jatituhu) that made the audience swaying and singing.

There was than a break when all staff, siswa, and audience had lunch and cleaned up the environment. Last of all, Areca Nut Tree Climbing Competition was held for students and community. Regardless of the hot weather, strong winds, and flying dust, the enthusiasm of people to compete was not decreased as they fought for prizes.  Finally, the announcement of the overall champion of each program was the most awaited event, marking the end of the day. In First place was Pengalusan School, followed by Cegi (2nd) Darmaji, Manikaji, Bunga, and Jatituhu. For the closing event, hygiene kits were distributed to all students of EBPP before they went back to their own hamlets. Overall, the celebration for the 72nd anniversary of Republic of Indonesia was very lively and memorable.

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