EBPP Visit to Bali Safari & Marine Park

By David Booth

64 East Bali Poverty Project children from Bunga & Cegi Schools had a life changing experience today seeing the real life animals that they’d only ever dreamed of from books! Smiles on their faces? Tidak! Just jaw dropping awe! Thanks to our wonderful new Australian donor, Thurston, this is the first of many trips which will see all of EBPP’s 340 anak anak, 26 tutors and many staff seeing the world of animals, birds, fish and wild-life in as near natural environs as you can imagine….

For me, when I was 11, thrilled to go to London Zoo, all animals were in cages, we walked on concrete paths and had virtually plastic guides, all with voices like recorders. Bali Safari & Marine Park is a large piece of magic!!

More to come in our photo blogs…..

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