EBPP de 6 escuelas’ 17th August 2012 Celebración del Día de la Independencia. Video documental

Por David J Stand MBE, Fundador y administrador

All I could say on 17th August, as I had said for the previous 11 años’ EBPP Independence Day celebration was “Guau, it’s the best and happiest day of my life!” Our children’s drama, poetry, creative arts and music gets better every year!! Each year for Independence Day, they choose to develop educational dramas, sketches and great songs. It’s only the last 2 years we have had music classes and musical instruments so the envelope is being pushed further. The children’s goal is to provide entertainment and life education for their families and the remote communities of this village of 19 scattered and isolated hamlets of Ban village.

Since founding EBPP in 1998, my pride grows every year with the great talent, skill and confidence the children in our 6 EBPP schools have developed, thanks to the dedication of all of our staff, from the education team, health team, organic farming team, water and sanitation team, art and crafts team, bamboo and vetiver teams who have all put immense effort love and devotion into guiding our school children and communities on the road from abject poverty to potential prosperity, led by the amazing children in EBPP schools. The children have their own mission to teach their parents and from the seeds sown by our integrated education programmes, new lives and futures are blossoming. I hope you enjoy this video which gives a little window on to their lives and aspirations. Thanks for watching…..

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