EBPP’s IndependenceDay Celebration 2013


par: Enru Siagian, EBPP Visual Communication & P. R

It was a beautiful sunny Friday morning on the 16th of August 2013, all EBPP staff, tutors and students from 6 EBPP schools in the scattered hamlets of Ban Village gathered on the dry river bed field in Daya hamlet to celebrate Indonesia’s 68th Independence day. Everybody lined up into groups to do the Independence Day flag ceremony. The student from all 6 EBPP schools sang Indonesia’s National anthem “Indonesia Raya” while everyone saluted in respect to Indonesia’s red & white national flag.


Première, un 100 meters running competition. Students representing each of their schools ran above the sandy steep dry river bed as fast as they could to win, as the crowd roared their support.


There is a unique competition of Sack Racing & Dangdut Dance as the students jumping and jumping forward in a sack then suddenly in the middle of the race a Dangdut music is played as they have to stop and dance to its rhythm, until the music stops they continue again until reaching the finish line.


Then a Tug of War Competition, two teams of students pulled the rope as strong as they can to bring their opponents down. The crowd was very wild, so crowded, it was hard to shoot a good picture of them competing.


After the physical contest, comes a Word Whispering Competition. Teams of elementary students from each EBPP schools passing a long & tricky sentence by whispering through each member from the front row to the last, the fastest team who got the sentence passed correctly wins. It requires some sharp hearing & pronouncing skills.

Then a Number Patting Competition, teams of Junior high school students have to pat the correct number on the floor to answer a Mathematical question. The fastest & most correct team wins the game.


The Last competition was a Portrait Drawing competition. By using a pencil one student representing from each EBPP elementary schools has to do their best portrait drawing of David Booth. They were all sketching their best, the jury is David himself, he chooses the most proportional drawing as the winner.

After all competitions are done the celebration continues to the Student’s Art & Creativity Performances, a stage was prepared and also next to it is an exhibition of art showing paintings & drawings created by EBPP student’s and also their art tutors. The stage was opened by “Panyembrana” a Balinese welcoming dance performed by students from Bunga. Lots of people from the communities of Ban village came to see this amazing once in a year show.


Each 6 EBPP schools gave their best performance to the audiences. From Cegi, EBPP junior high school, a band of 2 guitars, 1 djembe drum, 1 cajonbox”, 3 recorders & a singer played song covers of Kansas’s “Dust in the Wind” & The Beatles“Let it Be” . Cegi Elementary & junior high students also performs and collaboration of Balinese dance with a modern dance.


There is also a band from Manikaji, EBPP senior high school students with a guitar playing singer, a lead guitar & a cajon percussionist. They played a song written by EBPP team “From the Depth of my Heart” & they also sang an Indonesian song “Chasing the Sun”.


Students from EBPP Jatituhu school played a drama “Me & the World I Left Behind”, it’s about a story of a girl who was enticed to leave school by a friend from her village who was already working in Denpasar and went to town looking for work. She was a maid, treated badly by her employer and she finally relented because lied to by her friend, and in the end she was sorry to her parentsand returned to school and the happy life she knew. The story tells us to stay in school and get well educated for brighter future.


Other Jatituhu students performs a Balinese song and dance “Meli Sambuk di Dawan” and a Dangdut song “I’m not the Person I used to be”, with a singer & two elementary students just dancing with large acoustic guitar, it was funny.

EBPP Pengalusan students played a drama“Nature’s Friend”, about educating communities to collect and sell plastic waste for recycling.


From Bunga, junior high school students performed modern dance and elementary school students played a drama “The Princess who saves the environment”, a Story of an amazing young girl who dedicated her life to protecting and preserving the environment to be healthy and educate people not to chop down trees or shoot birds.


EBPP Darmaji elementary & junior high school students performed “Genjek dance” collaborating with audiences that are chosen to dance together on the stage. They also sang a Balinese song “Putu Trisna”. One talented girl student from Darmaji elementary school sang two songs “Mother” & “Dreams”.


There was also a karate demonstration first was performed by two girls from Manikaji elementary & junior high school continued by their karate teacher I Nyoman Mudita a high school graduate from Pengalusan that has a 1st Dan Black Belt .


Après the Student’s Art & Creativity Performances comes the announcement of competition winners & trophy handover, this year the overall 1st winner from all competitions are students from Jatituhu, 2nd is Bunga, 3rd Darmaji, 4th Manikaji, 5th Pengalusan and 6th is Cegi. The celebration is fully amazing, an extraordinary independence day celebration in the mountain slopes of mount Agung & mount Abang.

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