Enru’s Farewell from EBPP

By Enru Siagian, November 2013

In  April 2012, I moved to Bali to work for the East Bali Poverty Project. It’s the kind of thing I like to do living in Bali Island. It’s really exciting because working for EBPP is really making a difference by helping people to help themselves.

My major role in EBPP is as the media specialist & minor IT support, working in the administration office in Denpasar. Some of the work is designing visual communications to support EBPP’s P.R; creating graphics illustrations for educational print materials for the Health programmes; creating Geographic Information System maps for EBPP’s projects areas; developing EBPP’s website & the social medias; producing videos, for some events such as the 2012-2013 National Education Day & Independence Day; translating, writing, editing documents, blog articles, newsletter and many more.

Indonesia has 34 provinces with 17,508 islands spreading; Bali is the pearl of this archipelago with its beautiful places & it’s own unique rich culture, like nowhere else. During my 1 year and 7 months living here it was also a chance to discover the eastern part of Indonesia. I went all over Bali island, most parts of Lombok island & some parts of East Java, I’m just happy to get lost sometimes in the weekends.

Standing fifth from the left a farewell photo of me with EBBP staff in front of EBPP HQ in Ban village.

On my last day going to the field, I met with all EBPP staff in Ban village HQ and have a farewell. Then we went up to EBPP’s school in Manikaji hamlet, about 900 meters high with 293 families living there. Going there was very tough, we rode EBPP’s 4 wheel drive pickup truck through the mountainous dirt roads in bad rainy weather. I still can’t believe that there are people & children living up there near the clouds. Ban village area was & still mostly an isolated area in Bali.

The next day David Booth & I went to a Charity comedy show, held by Bali Dynasty Resort who has sponsored education for EBPP’s Pengalusan School since September 2000 and Cegi School from April 2000 till 2005. In addition, their management team comes annually to paint both schools & Bali Dynasty donates complete hygiene kits & fruit to all EBPP school children every year on Indonesian Independence Day. The comedy show was held on 28 November 2013 at Gracie Kelly’s Irish Pub, there were two comedians from Malaysia & Australia. They were hilarious, made the audiences melt until forgetting themselves. Somehow I still laugh remembering their jokes during at sleep & the day tomorrow, it was crazy.

One thing I won’t forget from EBPP is the will to make things possible. There are a lot of knowledge & experiences I’ve learned from working with EBPP & also from the people who have supported EBPP’s programmes. I feel blessed to have been a part of it, having the experience on helping people help themselves. Sometime in the future I might bring this experience again to help other needy people in other places. Thank you very much EBPP.



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