EXÁMENES FINALES PARA Graduado de escuela secundaria SENIOR: Abril 2014

By Made Suarjana & Eka, EBPP Teachers – 25th April 2014

The final examinations to graduate senior high school took place from 14th-16th April, 2014 in Cegi Mekar school (one of EBPP’s 6 escuelas). The first day’s exams were Indonesian and Geography. Social Science, Mathematics, and Sociology on the second day with English and Economics on day three.

From EBPP schools, there were three students who took the exams. Two from Pengalusan Mekar school, a boy and a girl, and one male student from Manikaji Mekar School. Their preparations and additional tutoring from EBPP Education Team started in January 2014, and the students were given some exercises to know how far they had mastered the materials they had learned. The exam went
smoothly and, although the supervisors were from other schools, the students were not nervous but very disciplined; also they were very confident doing the test. Although doing exams in seven subjects, found few difficulties.

They hope they can pass the exam and can graduate from school and if there is any chance – they all hope to continue their studies to a higher level, so in the future, they can develop their potential in their own area where they live to benefit their respective communities towards sustainable social and economic development.They were sure about their answers and they hope they will pass the exam. For them, this exam was the biggest chance to measure their abilities and to prove that they can do well with what they have even though they felt they had some limitations and deficiencies.

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