First music classes conducted by our newly trained EBPP music tutors

Following the very successful “Train the Trainers” workshop, conducted for our EBPP music tutors by the One Dollar for Music foundation [ODFM] headed by Raoul Wijffels, our young Balinese musicians turned tutors were thrilled to start and teach this week at our Pengalusan and Jatituhu village schools. It is all happening just a few days after they finished participating in the intensive training workshop, which included classes that were geared to improve their professional musical ability and understanding, and also sessions that were meant to improve their teaching and communication skills in a classroom environment.

Understandably, our neEBPP Music Tutor Trainingw tutors were excited and nervous about this encounter with their first music students. For Wayan Sumargiana, who has been exhibiting a very fast growing and versatile musical talent at the ODFM workshop, it has been even more exciting, since this would be his very first time in front of a class of students! Upon the completion of the “Train the Trainers” workshop Wayan has been labeled as the dominant force that will lead our music tutors in their work, despite his being the youngest, at nineteen years old. The session at the EBPP Pengalusan School started with a performance of an original Balinese song that they had composed themselves. At first, the students were a bit shy and hesitant about participating and singing in front of their classmates, but after a short while they warmed up to the idea and began singing and participating more freely in the lesson. During the following day they were already showing great motivation and progress as they decided to perform in front of our guests a beautiful song that they prepared especially for the occasion, and were awarded with resounding cheers and applause!

Next on the list was our Jatituhu School, where we arrived with our guests to witness the school’s children performing a series of songs, with the guidance and accompaniment of our new music tutors. They were even more motivated to show their ability now, as among our guests was Raoul Wijffels, who was training the tutors just a few days earlier at the ODFM headquarters in Sanur. The different songs preformed ranged from traditional Balinese songs, through some lively Dangdut (a genre of popular Indonesian music), to an emotional love ballad, performed in Bahasa Indonesia. To our joy and amazement a few of the students showed creativity and enthusiasm by singing their song into an empty water bottle, as if it was a microphone…

As our music program progresses we are happy to learn and discover the new challenges that await us within this project, together with our new tutors and students, for the benefit of enhancing the creativity and development of the village’s children, in a refreshingly diverse and sustainable manner.

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