Following the Government National Exam of Senior High School 3rd grader 2017

Por: Ernawati, Manikaji senior high level 3rd grader

The national examination is one of the government programs through the ministry of Education which took place every year in every level of education, Elementary, Junior, and senior high. The aim of this exam is as a tool of measurement for students in learning in every levels of education. It also as an indicator to decide that student would be able to pass the exam, and as a basic arrangement if the students could graduate. 

This year the examination for senior high level 3rd grader was conducted on April 15º, 16º, y 22nd & 23rd. The exam was taken place at one of EBPP 6º Escuela, EBPP Cegi school started from 7.30 a.m. until 12.30 p.m. There were nine students participated the exam, four students from Cegi School, Three students from Manikaji School, One student from Darmaji, and one from Jatituhu School. Following the schedule given from the government, at the first day they have got Bahasa Indonesia and geography, while at the second day they had math and social science. English and economic was at the third, and the last day we had Civic.

At the first day before the exam was started, we were very nervous and afraid thinking about how hard the question given on the examination and we couldn’t answer it. But after the supervision handled the exam sheet and given us some direction in answer the question through computer based. But after a while the exam sheets were on our hands and we tried to read it carefully every single question afraid of making any mistake and we failed the exam. At the second day was not as the first day, we more relax and enjoyed the exam. We felt more confident and very proud of the visit from the head of Karangasem Education Department, and there were about two people. Besides for monitoring, they also wanted to know about our school and programs more detail and they also motivated all of us to keep studying even with very limited school facilities. He also explained how important the Education is for a better future. At the next and last day the exam went smoothly and the students felt free and proud to their selves could joined the exam until we can graduate based on the exam result later. We would like to thank to Mr. David J. Booth to give us chance to enjoy the learning from elementary until senior high level. We didn’t forget to say thanks to our teacher for your great effort in teaching us, we with different kinds of individual background and thanks for being patient in teaching us. We will never forget it. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

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