Forest Fire, Grass and Our Cows

By Ni Komanng Lestari, EBPP Manikaji Junior High School Student

This is Mount Puncak Sari in Manikaji Hamlet. On Thursday, 2nd October 2014, the woods on that mountain burned because of very hot sun and dryness. The dry twigs in that forest ignited and in a short time the wind blew making the fire increase.

The fire lasted for a week. The people of Manikaji felt the impact. Before the fire, they can find grass for their cows easily, but now they can’t.

It’s miserable, they couldn’t do anything to stop the fire because no water. The only thing that they could do was just keep the fire from reaching their house. How can we feed our cows which we care for to make fat so we can sell to get money to improve our house and life.



Mount Puncak Sari in Manikaji hamlet where the people collect grass for their cows


The fire has burned all of the grass we need for our cows











The burning forest


Our cows need average 20kg grass per day


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