From the Sky to Survive

By: Nengah, EBPP Senior High School student, Jatituhu Hamlet.

The rainy season is here now, the rain falls down heavily everyday. Now, the people in Jatituhu can get water easily. Every cubang (roof rainwater collection reservoir) is full by the rain. The water which is collected in the cubang we use it everyday for cooking, washing, drinking, and taking a bath.

Cubang article_20.01.15

EBPP Senior High School student, Nengah in front of the Jatituhu Hamlet cubang

Previously, in the dry season, it’s very hard for us to get water. Our hamlet is located up on the hill and is isolated far from water spring. The water from the government could not reach our hamlet. We just rely on the rain to fill our cubang in the rainy season to survive as long as the dry season lasts. Because, it’s so difficult to get water, sometimes we don’t take a bath to save the water. But now, it’s over, the rain comes and brings a lot of happiness for us.

The water that comes down on our roof we collect it into our cubang through the gutter. Little by little the water is collected and fills our cubang as long as the heavy rain comes down. That water is not directly used for cooking or drinking. Before we use, we filter the water first by using a simple filter made of charcoal, coral and palm fiber from palm tree. Even though it’s so simple, this water filter can make the water clear and safe to consume, and of course we boil it first before we drink it.

It was so difficult for us to do something without water when we didn’t have a cubang at our house. Then EBPP came and built a cubang for us. Now, almost each family in Jatituhu has a cubang at their house.

Water is a primary need for all living things, I hope the water that we collect in our cubang in this season can make us survive to face the next dry season.

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