Fundraise for EBPP

Fundraising is a great way for you to join with friends, family, colleagues and community members to work together towards a common goal and make a positive impact on families living in remote East Bali.

By helping us to raise funds, we can help others to help themselves.

Here are some ideas to get you started. Please feel free to contact for more information about our projects and how we can help you promote your event.



Bake Sale

Hold a stall at your local school or community hall, selling delicious cakes, biscuits and muffins, with funds raised going to an EBPP project.

Trivia Evening

Host a night of trivia in your own home or local community hall, with attendees paying an entrance fee that goes towards EBPP.

Movie Nights

Turn your backyard or living room into a cinema for an evening, sell tickets, popcorn and drinks to your friends, with funds raised going to EBPP.


Contact local businesses in your community and ask them to donate prizes to your raffle to raise funds for EBPP. Sell tickets to your friends, family, neighbours and school communities.

Garage Sale

Get rid of all the junk cluttering up your garage, with funds raised from sales going to EBPP.

Cricket/Soccer/Basketball match

Organise a sporting event, with teams paying a fee to enter the game, with funds raised going to EBPP.

Fun Run/Bike Ride

Ask your friends and family to sponsor you to do a marathon/bike ride, with funds raised going to EBPP projects.

Musical Evening

Show off your musical talents and organise an evening of musical entertainment. Ask attendees pay an entrance fee, which goes to EBPP.

Gift Hampers

Create hampers of goodies, either donated from local businesses or made in your own kitchen, and sell them to people in your community, profits going to EBPP.

Book Club Fundraiser

Ask a local bookshop or library to rent or donate books, then sell or lend them to your friends at a profit. Have meet ups to discuss the books, while raising money for EBPP!