Help Pengalusan Children Continue School

Pengalusan is one of Desa Ban’s (Ban Village) 19 remote hamlets, haut en altitude, les pentes orientales abruptes et sèches du mont Agung à Karangasem,,en,après un appel à l'aide de ce village avec des milliers de personnes vivant dans l'isolement et la pauvreté abjecte,,en,oubliée par le temps,,en,progrès et sans choix ou chance de changer,,en,Pengalusan était le plus isolé,,en,caché le long d'une piste sinueuse Agung qui a pris des heures pour atteindre à pied,,en,où tous les enfants ont souffert de malnutrition,,en,souffert d'une carence en iode aiguë et n'a pas eu accès aux soins de santé ou d'éducation,,en,Il n'y a pas de cours d'eau,,en, Est Bali.

Le Projet sur la pauvreté est de Bali (EBPP) a été créé en 1998 after a plea for help by this Village with thousands people living in isolation and abject poverty, forgotten by time & progress and with no choice or chance to change.

Pengalusan was the most isolated, hidden along a winding Mount Agung track that took hours to reach on foot, where all children were malnourished, suffered from acute iodine deficiency and had no access to health care or education. There are no rivers, rice fields or government water supply

Since partnering with the Desa Ban communities in 1998, our poverty alleviation projects have empowered thousands of people through improved health, water, infrastructureand sanitation, with children’s education as the foundation, guiding the communities to a better life, through free schooling, nutrition and extra curricula programs.

We’ve educated more than 1,300 les enfants en 6 schools since 1999. Pengalusan School was the 3rd EBPP school launched in September 2000 with full private donor sponsorship until June 2017.

All the 68 Pengalusan families work as farmers and bamboo basket weavers and have no other skills.The nearest government elementary school is 5 km away, nearest junior high is 15km away & nearest senior high is 30km away with bad road condition and no public transport.They are now developing. thanks to EBPP’s generous donor support.

Before EBPP School started in September 2000, no children went to school. When we opened EBPP elementary school in 2000, all children from 6-16 enrolled, even though some were junior high school age!But because no education available, none could read or write and thus enrolled to our elementary school.

Jusqu'ici, after almost 17 ans, EBPP Pengalusan School is the only school that Pengalusan people rely on for children’s education, especially for junior & senior high school. Presently we have 51 students.22 elementary, 20 junior high & 9 senior high school.

The nearest government elementary school in Daya is getting more active now and we plan to transfer our elementary students to Daya government school in July 2019. But for junior & senior high we still continue as government schools are still very far away.

Children have high motivation to learn, even though, before school they must finish their daily tasks helping their parents, such as cutting grass to feed cattle and making bamboo baskets to be sold to market traders. In between twice yearly cassava and corn, selling fattened Bali cows or bamboo baskets becomes their only income source.

Despite their many struggles and limitations, it does not dampen the fighting spirit of these children for a better future. Since it was established, the EBPP Pengalusan School has successfully graduated hundreds of students. En fait, one boy is on EBPP staff and a girl continues her study in a Denpasar tourism university, fully sponsored by another foundation.

Malheureusement,our Pengalusan School has run out of funds as we’ve had no donor support since June 2017.Please DONATE NOW to help the children of Pengalusan hamlet continue their education.
Your kind donation will help them continue school and lead their impoverished community to a better future.