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Madeleine (Maddy) Devitt, a UK artist and art & textile teacher joined us in July 2010 to open new creative avenues for EBPP’s talented young artists.EBPP volunteer Maddy Devitt with students

An experienced artist who regularly sells her life-like animal paintings in UK, Maddy, expected to have a daunting challenge introducing professional skills to children living in remote Mount Agung & Mount Abang communities. She was though surprised! Her first day on site, 15th Juli 2010, when EBPP Art Team introduced her to our high school boys and girls, and our Cegi Art Cooperative’s paintings displayed on Cegi School walls, Maddy was hooked! She was excited to take our talented students to new levels, not as children BUT as developing young artists with great potential!

Equipped with her extensive experience and determination to take EBPP students’ arts and crafts skills to a new level, Maddy started off by introducing techniques for painting farm and household animals in acrylic paint, by copying from good quality photos. She showed examples of her work that she had sold in England and very soon the atmosphere was electric. The children were also taught how to select the correct brushes, mix the acrylic paints to achieve natural shades, apply black & white paint for effecty and to get the animal fur looking like you could stroke it! After only 2 hours of applying these new skills, some of our most accomplished young artists had already created impressive likenesses of cows, pigs, roosters and dogs. When David Booth arrived with the Kraaijeveld family at before 11am on the 21st of July, all of the boys and girls were proudly completing some of their first new works.

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As the painting classes developed, the students learnt how to combine colours to create more life-like images, resulting in some very realistic animal paintings, creating a feverish excitement to continue well into the night – hoping for Maddy’s seal of approval the next day.

Our girls preferred learning sewing and embroidery, another of Maddy’s special skills. Before Maddy’s visit, the students just stuck decorations to their clothes using glue, as they didn’t know how to stitch and embroider. After the first lesson however, they were able to create more artistic embroidered works.

Madeleine was highly impressed with the students’ work and specifically praised one whom she felt is showing real promise. This student, I Wayan Merta, one opf EBPP’s art teachers, painted a still life that Madeleine likened to Picasso!

In conclusion, in her short 2 week volunteering period with EBPP, Maddy introduced many new skills, showed new techniques and opened exciting new avenues for our talented students to explore that they and our young art teachers will pass on to the younger student in all of EBPP’s 6 scholen.

Her achievements were exceptional, and our gratitude and affection will surely stay with Maddy – and hopefully inspire her to return again in the not too distant future – to introduce more exciting international painting and textile skills for our communities to develop successful home industries.

to work more with this students who the students learnt showed impressive progress.

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