Keeping Healthy with Clean Habits

By Nyoman, 17 years old, Jatituhu hamlet

Clean clothes are very important to us. When we want to go somewhere, or go to school we should wear clean clothes.

Because clean clothes are important, we have to wash them. When we change clothes we have to wash them soon. If not, when we wear them, they can make us itchy and dirty because the dirty clothes carry germs. The dirty clothes will smell, so it makes the person wearing them feel uncomfortable.

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I usually wash my clothes once a week, on Sunday.

First, we soak it with detergent. We have to part the white clothes from the coloured clothes, so the coloured clothes will not dye the white clothes. After 30 minutes, we can start to do the washing. Take it one by one, rub it and brush it until the stains wash away. We can put softener and fragrance, and after rinsing we dry the clothes in the sun. Before we put them in the wardrobe, we iron the clothes to make them neat.

My friends and I always remember to keep clean. We keep ourselves clean, our teeth and hair, our clothes and our environment. If we want to be healthy, we must start with clean habits.

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