Keeping My Family Dry, Safe & Healthy in Rainy Season

I Mangku Wayan Simen is a traditional Balinese priest, living in Darmaji hamlet, Desa Ban, with his wife and two children. Pada bulan Desember 2014 they finished building their toilet and bathroom facility, with help from EBPP.

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“We asked for help to build a toilet because we had to defecate in our garden, down a very steep and slippery hillside. Now it is rainy season, and normally we would still have to go outside, and down the hill. We would get wet, and bitten by insects.
“We want to keep our environment clean, and be able to defecate away from the mosquitos and flies.

“We walk to Pancoran spring, two kilometres away, twice every day to collect water for the animals, and to drink and cook with. Now we have the bathroom facility, we use the water in the Bak Mandi (penampung air kecil) to wash our clothes, brush our teeth, and bathe in private.

“Last year my son was sick with diarrhoea, from drinking dirty water. Since the toilet and bathroom facility was built my family has been healthy”.

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