Ketut aspires to become a teacher one day!

DSC_0084Ketut, who is 14, had never been to school prior to 2010. Not that she didn’t want to go, but there wasn’t one near enough to her home in her remote hamlet of Jatituhu until East Bali Poverty Project had funding to start Jatituhu School in 2005, the 5º of their remote hamlet schools at that time.As a one parent child, her father was unable to send her to school because he required her help with the daily chores as her mother had passed away very early in her life.

She soon settled into the school environment, with encouraging and supportive teachers, and enjoyable lessons every day.

Like the other children attending school in Jatituhu hamlet, she was given sets of uniforms, a nutritious breakfast and lunch daily, and lessons in mathematics, science, ciencias sociales, arte, artesanías, higiene, nutrición, organic farming and environmental awareness.

Without your help, Ketut would probably have remained illiterate, performing daily household chores for the rest of her life.

Ketut attends school because “she wishes to have a better future and aspires to one day become a teacher.”

Thank you for helping us to help Ni Ketut and her classmates by opening the door for her brighter future! Thank you for your continued support.

Nos encantaría saber de usted.

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