Leer Karate: controle ponsen. controle schoppen. controle emoties. gezondheidsinspectie.

Door Ketut, EBPP Senior High School student, Jatituhu Hamlet

EBPP Senior High School student practices Karate in the school yard

EBPP Senior High School student practices Karate in the school yard

Karate can be a severe activity and looks rough. Ik denk dat deze activiteit is meer van een wedstrijd voor de jongens en ik als meisje nooit de geest om het te doen. But, Er is iets aan, which makes me interested and comfortable when I join in.

The first time I learned karate was when I was fifteen. This was something new for me. I was trained by EBPP volunteer Karate teacher, Mangku Pasek (second DAN National Championship Inkai Karate), with three of his athletes, Mudita, Wenten and Gata, all EBPP high school graduates who achieved their Black Belts under Mangku Pasek. My friends and I were trained in the school yard once a week. Learning karate is very hard because you need a strong body and discipline, but I like it.

Before we start to practice we have to do warm up and stretching to make our muscles flexible so we can do the moves easily. The moves, even though they look simple like punching and kicking are actually hard to do. To memorize one movement I have to practice at last six times and complete it for the trainer. I have already memorized six hard movements and got the grade brown belt Kyu 2 in karate.

The biggest problem for me when I learned karate was when the teacher took a long break. That was a major obstacle for us to get to the next level.

Learning karate is fun even though I often have pain in my body after the training. With karate we can defend our self especially as a girl can easily get into trouble. With karate, we can control our emotions and keep healthy because karate is an extreme sport.

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