Learning and Enjoying Music: Simplicity and Success

By Nengah Edi, EBPP Music Teacher

music-1The sandy, dusty, rocky, and bumpy road are an obstacle that we must go through to East Bali Poverty Project school everyday. Honestly, sometimes we feel tired when we arrived in school. But that’s problem is not enough to relieve our enthusiasm to teach our students, because they always waiting for us.

Especially when we look at their happy expression and enjoyment during the music lesson.They learn music only three times a week with limited facilities. Echter, die toestand brengen hun nieuwsgierigheid en opwinding. Toen we kwamen de muziek instrumenten die we brengen, ze wegrukken elkaar. Natuurlijk, iedereen wil de instrumenten te bespelen.




De beperkte tijd en faciliteiten nooit vervagen onze geest voor het aandeel van de kennis die we hebben, Hetzelfde geldt voor onze studenten die altijd enthousiast om te leren. Tot nu, er zijn een aantal studenten die in staat zijn om muziek instrument spelen, zoals gitaar, piano, fluit, en Kajon. Bovendien, sommige studenten kunnen een nummer te regelen. They sing their own song on the school special day like National Education Day and Independence Day. How proud are we as their teacher!

Because of their music lessons, some students have a dream to become a musician. For the future, we hope that the simplicity could be useful and make their dreams comes true. Thank you very much for all of the donors, so our students can learn until now. Together, with your help, we can be a witness for their success later.


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