MEET THE TEAM: Sinta, EBPP Nutritionist

Sinta is EBPP’s nutritionist and health team coordinator. She is originally form West Bali, she has one brother and two younger sisters. She has worked with EBPP since 6th March 2006. She got married in Tianyar which is close to Ban and has one son who is 3 years old.

We asked Sinta a few questions about her work and what has inspired her to take on this role.

Tell us about yourself, your family and interests

I’m from the west of Bali – all my family live in West Bali. I have one brother and 2 younger sisters. I have worked for EBPP since 6th March 2006. I’m a qualified Nutritionist, I got married in Tianyar close to Ban and I have a son, he is 3 years old.

Sinta measuring Lina

Sinta is measuring the height one of the malnourished child

Sinta feeding Lina

Sinta is feeding one of the malnourished child


What does your work involve?

I have skills for Nutrition, I can do the analysis for nutrition status in children, and I try to find solutions to give them, through education and awareness for mothers and children.

What have you learned most from working with EBPP?

I have gained much experience from EBPP such as learning about how to manage time, manage the health team and the programmes we deliver. I have learned how to be a good leader (coordinator) and how to live and work with new and different people. I am so glad to be part of the community and to help them.

What do you hope for EBPP in the next few years?

I want to increase my skills and my experience to help more people, and try to find  solutions for them (especially for Ban and not just for nutrition, for example I would like to learn more about other Public Health issues).

What keeps you motivated to work at EBPP?

Because I can help the community, I feel so great in my life. To make people understand about the importance to keep healthy, especially for mothers, because if the mother is smart, and knows the right information, it can make the next generation healthy and smart.

Who inspires you?

My mother gave me advice to always remember – we must share and help people, and I want their life to be better then mine.

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