Melodies from the Bunga Students Girl Band

By  I Gede Sudarma, EBPP Health & Education Team

To be a great musician is such a dream for everyone who has artistic passion in their mind. It doesn’t matter if she grows up in a big city, a child from the musician or even a child from the farmer who was born in an isolated village, talent is not something which we can underestimate. No matter where they come from, the love for music will still be there.

Bunga girls band

Wayan, Kadek and Komang, the three students who wrote the song “Kepergian Bunda” (Losing a mother)

As it also happens with three female students from Bunga Hamlet. Everyday, they grow up in their environment which is isolated from technology, but it doesn’t make any difference when they are so naturally talented. Lack of technology doesn’t mean they will lose their talent.

With the help from the teacher, and the musical instruments which were donated by The Moment of Joy Foundation (Holland) and guitars from The Rolling Stone Magazine (Indonesia), they can create melodies which make everyone who listens drawn into them.

bunga girls photo with family

Wayan and Komang with their families

The music group from Bunga School which is comprised of Wayan and Kadek on vocals and Komang on guitar and vocals, together wrote a song titled “Kepergian Bunda” (Losing a mother). I interviewed the group at the school to find out their inspiration.


Well, this song is titled “Kepergian Bunda”. Who inspired you to write this song?

We were inspired by our friend who has lost her mother. Her mother died. She was so sad. From there we were inspired to write this song.

Who wrote the lyrics to this song?

We wrote the lyrics.

How long did it take until you finished writing this song?

It took only one day. We were so inspired, so we can finish it quickly.

What about for the tone and the arrangement?

Mr. Edi and Mr. Made Kari from EBPP Music Team helped us.

How about the people around you? What do they think about this?

They support us so much, especially our parents.

Do you have a plan to make a band?

Yes, of course. We want to make a band but we don’t think about the name yet.

When did you learn music for the first time?

We learnt music when we were at elementary school. We have been taught by Mr. Edi and Mr. Made Kari. They taught us how to sing and play the musical instruments like guitar and ukulele. And we like it.

What is your plan after that?

We plan to do recording with the help from Mr. Edi and Mr. Made Kari.

How do you feel after successfully creating a song?

We are so glad and very happy. After a long time we learn music and finally we can create a song.

What is your expectation for the future?

We hope our song will be famous on the radio and television. We wish we could be a great singer like an actress.



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