Monitor Children’s Growth and Development at the Posyandu

By Meuthika Noor Fitriyana, EBPP Public Health Coordinator

Monday, 24th October 2016, the sky was cloudy since early morning. Like usual, I and other EBPP staff was start to doing a routinely work at 08.00 a.m. That day was a busy day for EBPP health team with full schedule. There were 5 Posyandu Visit Activities, 3 locations in Ban Village and 2 locations in Tianyar Timor Village. And we also have a focus group discussion activity.

Based on the task distribution that we agreed, Wayan Kencana and me have to visit Pucang Bawah Posyandu. For your information, Posyandu is one of the main activity from EBPP health team sponsored by Inspirasia Foundation. We would like to give our gratitude towards Inspirasia Foundation for becoming a loyal donor for health program of EBPP.

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Before we go to Posyandu, we prepared all the material needed such as SIP (Sistem Informasi Posyandu / Posyandu Information System) Book, stationery, microtoise, camera, and mineral water. And then, at 09.30am,we going to Posyandu with Suzuki Caribian car. We arrived at Posyandu together with Puskesmas Kubu II employee, the midwife and nutritionist.

After all of the material prepared and ready to use, the nutritionist from Puskesmas begun the activities with giving information for mothers attended about the importance of iodized salt using. Later, the cadre calling the children name that recorded in SIP book one by one for weighing and measuring. The other cadre, recording the result in SIP book and also EBPP Staff. SIP book is a book that included information about Posyandu participants.

Besides in SIP Book, the results of weighing and measuring also recorded in KMS (Kartu Menuju Sehat) that can be found in KIA (Kesehatan Ibu dan Anak) Book or usually we called it Pink Book, like the colour of its cover. KMS filling was done by Cadre accompanied by EBPP Staff. For Cadre, KMS filling is not an easy job. Although EBPP has held a whole training for Cadre in Desa Ban, EBPP Staff still need to accompany the Cadre when doing their job. We sure that with diligence, slow but sure the Cadres can do their job better.


dsc08767The results of weighing and measuring is not just a number. With this number we can monitor children growth and development. We used the number as data sources for identified nutrition status in children, whether they are a severe malnourished, moderately malnourished, healthy, or obese. The malnourished children are our priority to do intervention so they can become healthy

In the other side of Posyandu, there was a immunization service for infants 0-9 months old by the midwife. Immunization is important for infants because it can increase their immune system toward diseases. Beside Immunization, there were Family Planning service and pregnant women examination

Last, as a closing activity that is PMT (Pemberian Makanan Tambahan) distribution, delicious and nutritious mung bean porridge and fresh Ades mineral water. Thanks a lot for PT Coca-cola Bottling Indonesia that help to improve community health by provided their free Ades mineral water. It’s time for eating! The children always welcome this session with enthusiasm.


I become happy just by watching them eat and drink ravenously. Growing healthy! There is a hope deep in my heart that behind their cute and innocent looks: a bright future is waiting.

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