Mount Barker Community College –Fifth annual visit to EBPP

by Ni Nengah Merdekawati, EBPP English Teacher

On 22nd and 23rd of September 2016, EBPP proudly hosted Mount Barker Community College for their 5th annual visit since 2012, this year with 8 high school students aged 15-16 and three teachers, led as always by their creative and inspiring Geography teacher, Mr Callum Gribble.


As soon as they arriving at EBPP Ban officeat 09.30am on the 22nd, Komang Kurniawan, Team Leader, explained about the program and introduced EBPP staff.  At the first day, Mount Barker and crew piled up onto two EBPP four wheels drive trucks heading to Darmaji School, arriving at 10.30am.


They had planned many educative activities for EBPP students namely; a hotel class, Math class, computer class, and music class. They have done these activities with a duration of 30-45 minutes for each activity.


At the hotel class, led by the students from Mount Barker, they had taught English for tourism. The students act out a play to be a hotel employer; there was a student who acts as a receptionist, guests, and a bag keeper (bellboy). Mount Barker students hold on bigposters with English phrases as the dialogue at the play and our students reading them while act out the play. It was fun because the students could learn English and practiced their reading and speaking abilities through native speaker. At the end the students were playing a game called “traditional kids charades” the students guess the word by acting it out which related to some vocabulary about animals, activity,and object.


At Mathematic class, the students were doing some fun games related with calculating called “Bingo” where the students put a counter on the cards written numbers on it and they also answer questions based on the number where the counter lays. Besides, the students also played a game related with money. They should pay the money based on the price written on the card. The last one at Math class, the students played a slap game by using solitaire cards. The students enjoyed the games, they felt learning math (calculation) such in a real situation.


Next, there was a music class where the students were making such a noise but sounds really nice. EBPP students collaborated with two boys from Mount Barker who talented in playing music. They also taught our students in playing cords, musical notes, and rhythm.


In computer class the students were taught how to operate a computer and copy a picture they have taken from the camera to the laptop, they also doing some presentation through the power point programme.


At break time the students were playing sport such as volleyball, throw and catch using sticky ball, and they also learn juggling taught by Mr Gribble. After having lunch together, Mount Barker handed over some presents donated to EBPP and took pictures together.


At the second day of their visit, around 08.30 am Mount Barker and crew arrived at Daya Bamboo centre when Callum asked DavidBooth,EBPP Founder, to explain about the program. This time Mount Barker and crew were divided into two groups. One group learning Bamboo weaving with primary students from Pengalusan and the other one groups learning Balinese dance. Each activity was done in rotation, around one hour in one group.


At dance lesson, the students from Mount Barker learned Balinese traditional dances called “Wirayuda” for boys and “Puspanjali” for girls. First they learned about the basic movements called “Agem” to stretch out their body then continued with the real movements of the dance. Although they felt really hard but still enjoyed the lesson and they had tried as the best as they could. While at Bamboo weaving, our primary students had shown their ability in weaving bamboo into a product such as a steamer and a basket. Some of Mount Barker students were good in weaving and they brought home the products they have made.


Around 12.00 am after lunch,Mount Barker and crew went to visit Cegi School. At Cegi, all seniorstudents were learning music and Bahasa Indonesia. There was a group vocal Cegi has shown their talented in playing music instruments and singing songs entitled “Thank You”, “Deep in My Heart”, and “One Call a Way”. Before heading to Daya Bamboo Centre, Mount Barker and crew went to visit the community at Cegi hamlet to see the activity of the people in that community and how they carry out their life by make use of agricultural product provided at their field. After walking around through the village, about 01.30 pm Mount Barker and crew went back to Daya Bamboo centre to join with Ketut Swastika in learning bamboo.


A lot of difference activities we have done between EBPP students and Mount Barker has become unforgettable experiences for both of us and we enjoyed very much every single of the activities. Thank you very much for your visit and your donation hopefully next year we will see you again.


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