MON SUCCÈS 1999-2014: EBPP'S premiers enfants par l'école

by Ni Wayan Suratniati, EBPP Teacher 11th April 2014

My name is Ni Wayan Suratniati and I was born in Ban Village on 30th October 1984. I lived in a poor family as my parents are seasonal farmers, which earns less income. The earnings only fed us and provided us with basic every day needs. I am the first child in my family, and I have two sisters. My parents could only support the three of us until primary school. After I graduated from grade 3 in Primary school, I did not continue with my education because my parents did not have the money. My aspirations to become a teacher had gone.

Dans 1999, this all changed when I was lucky to receive a scholarship from David J Booth MBE, Founder of Yayasan Ekoturin (the East Bali Poverty Project) which helped me to continue my studies. This allowed me to go to junior high school for 3 ans. Dans 2002 I graduated, and following this I went to SMK (specialist senior high school) PGRI 1 in Singaraja, to learn specialist skills in economic management. I was really keen to learn about management, and this once again inspired me to become a teacher.

When I graduated in 2005, David asked if I would come back to the village to teach children in the education programmes for EBPP. Of course I agreed. I was looking forward to applying what I had learned in management, to the school classroom.

After two years of working as a teacher in the East Bali Poverty Project (EBPP), dans 2007 David found a sponsor for me which allowed me to go to UNDIKSA (Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha) specialist school in Singaraja to learn more about how to be a Primary school teacher. I studied at the University for two and a half years and there I learned many skills and strategies for primary school teaching.

Dans 2009 I graduated from University and I returned to EBPP as a teacher, and continue to be a teacher even today. In the mornings I teach the children in KPB (junior high school), and in the afternoon I teach the children in KPA (primary school), both schools established by the EBPP.

I teach Economics and PPKN (Foundations of Indonesian Philosophy and Civic Education) lessons in junior high school and Economics and Sociology for KPC (senior high school) students in all education programmes across all EBPP schools.

In addition to teaching the children in the classroom, I also monitor the children in KPA, KPB and KPC for the EBPP’s school cleaning and environmental program.

I am so thankful to all the people who have come into my life to help me achieve my goal of becoming a teacher. Merci, David. You have done so much to help me throughout my life and to you I am so grateful. I am so happy to be able to share my knowledge with the children in Ban to help us all have a bright and sustainable future.

I wish EBPP continued success in delivering programmes to help the communities in need, in Ban Village.

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